Going to the same uni as my ex?

So me and this guy were together for about 9 months and we did love each other but he went to uni whilst I took a gap year, 3 months after he started uni he said we should break up because he needs to focus on uni but asked to stay friends because he said he needs me and I couldn't imagine my life without him in it so we agreed to be friends. I know he did genuinely love me, even when he was in uni he'd come see me as much as he could and when we talked about breaking up and going back to friends he had tears in his eyes, it was hard for him too. he used to always say he couldn't ever lose me and I was the first girl he's ever had. it's been nearly 9 months since we went back to being friends and we still talk every now and then, he checks up on me and all. In a few weeks I'll be starting at the same uni as him but I don't know how to feel, I do still love me so a part of me can't help but wonder if anything will happen there? what do you guys think?
Going to the same uni as my ex?
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