Should I go to the same college as my ex?

Could you understand where I am coming? I'm going to grad school this fall. At first, I did not want to go there because he went there. Now, I want to go not to because everyone said it a good school and affordable. But part of me want to go so I can prove or make making my ex regret dumping me by looking good and dressing the best. I have been lying to myself. This is not going to work. Who is to say he is will care. I am not in control of this. Honestly, I hope I could avoid him, while I am there as much as possible. I am realizing its not even worth it. But I still want to go to school there but for my education and NOT prove something to someone who doesn't care?

What could go wrong?

Should I still go?
Should I go to the same college as my ex?
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