My boyfriend of 9 months ghosted me and I don’t know if I should let it go or talk to him?

These whole nine months, I’ve never felt emotionally satisfied with him for some reason. He was a great man, very loyal, mature, respectful, and kind. But I always felt like there was this wall between us that I couldn’t really explain. When we went out on one on one dates (barely), he’d always seem a little bored. Nothing proved it, but I would feel it in my instincts. With his friends he always seemed so happy and bubbly, yet with me he would never really laugh or smile. He never told me he loved me. He never surprised me or took me on romantic dates. He would do anything I wanted but only if I asked him to, so sometimes I felt like a burden. His eyes don’t meet mine when we talk and we have zero interests in common. Anw we had a party where one of my ex flings decided to strike up a 1 minute conversation with me. My boyfriend NEVER got jealous, and I thought It was okay to chat a little with him. After all I was feeling ignored and bored the whole party forcing my boyfriend to dance with me, but he was drunk and distracted with friends like USUAL. When I returned, he transformed. He wouldn’t talk to me the whole party. Instead of asking him what the matter was, I got angry as well. As his friends drove us for a post party - movie night. My boyfriend said they should drop me off to my car first. He indirectly kicked me out of the plan. I got out of his friend’s car to where I had parked, hurt and embarrassed. He followed me out claiming “I am only walking you to your car for my sake in front of my friends”. And so I yelled at him “don’t you ever dare talk to me again” , before shutting the door and speeding off. Its been 4 days since and we haven’t talked again. I always felt unloved in our relationship, maybe thats why I never tried to make amends. A part of me knew it was my fault for chatting up an old fling, but another part felt like my boyfriend (ex) wanted this to be over a long time ago.
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After seven days of no talking, my “boyfriend” called me again to discuss things and admitted he hated it when I talked to my ex infront of him and his friends. That he found it disrespectful. I decided to end it with him, because during these seven days that he disappeared. I realized he did not give a shit about me , and I did not really love him nor miss him.
My boyfriend of 9 months ghosted me and I don’t know if I should let it go or talk to him?
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