What is it when your girlfriend said A but do B?

Me (32) and my girlfriend (27) was together for 1 year and 4 months and that was a serious relationship. She told me that she's in love with me, my maturity and feel safe being with me because i treated her right and dare to put her in her place if she acting up. She said she didn't like younger guys that blow up her phone every time, telling shallow stuffs and they were annoying and she will never date guys same age or younger than her. We're compatible in many aspects like thought on marriage, life, and sex but that doesn't mean we didn't have arguments.

One beautiful day out of the blue (we argued a week before that), she texted me and wanna break up, she gave no reasons behind it but just wanna end it quick. I said fine and never contacted her since then.

7 months later she's in the relationship with another dude that was the same age as her and based on what her friends told me that the guy has the most common traits of a needy beta male. They flaunted their "happy couple" photos all over social media like they were the happiest people on earth. One of her friend still wondered how could my ex girlfriend left me for a guy like that. Why would she behave like that or my ex was just acting and being fake the entire time being with me? Have you ever seen someone like this before?
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About the Beta Alpha thing it was from her female friends, not mine. I didn't even know about it.
What is it when your girlfriend said A but do B?
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