What are the odds she changed her mind and reaches out?

I was seeing this girl for a year. We had some trouble spots, and we were still learning how to be in a relationship with each other.
Things were really good the month leading up to our break up. We talked so much, we supported each other, the sex was good, and I thought we were in a good place.
We revisited some things that came up from before we agreed to be exclusive, which hadn't been more than 4 months. I let slip that I was in love with her.
She asked for space and after a week I asked where we were and she said she wanted our relationship to end. She didn't think she could love me and that how I loved her was too much. She sited all these boundaries I crossed she never told me and she didn't have answers to questions I had. It was weird and sudden and the first time any of this had come up.
It's been two weeks, and I haven't heard from her. I tried to save it but she was in her head.

Is it likely after some time she'd reach out to me?

I had an ex from years ago reach out to get back together after 7 months being broken up. She went after me and it wasn't expected. But that one we had problems we didn't work on and it blew up. But she reached out to me.
She'll reach out
She's gone
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What are the odds she changed her mind and reaches out?
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