How to win her back? how can I get her back?

I'm reaching out for some advice on a tricky situation with my ex-girlfriend. I'm an expat working in an Arab country, and my ex, who's Arabian, and I parted ways when I didn't realize how much I cared for her. The reason for our breakup was her weight gain, and I made thoughtless remarks about it that deeply hurt her. I underestimated her worth and didn't see beyond superficial appearances. I now regret how shallow I was.

What really sets her apart is her integrity and down-to-earth nature. Unlike this other girl I briefly dated, my ex never had her hand out for my money. She always reminded me not to throw good money after bad and not to let people take me for a ride. She might not have been rolling in dough, but she was rich where it counted.

About six months after the breakup, I made a mistake. I missed her and I didn't know what to do, I decided it was a brilliant idea to show up unannounced at her place and work place to talk to her but she refused seeing me, things went ugly. Not my finest moment, I admit. I scared her, understandably so, and I regret making her feel that way.

What's even more humbling is that when I had a serious accident and nobody else came to my aid, she did. We were already separated, but she put everything on hold, took time off work, and nursed me back to health. She cooked, she cared, and she showed me what true kindness is all about.

Now, I'm stuck wondering how to make things right. Even when I tried to broach the topic of us getting back together or the chance of it, she stayed silent as a clam. I couldn't read her mind. When I said sorry, she looked like she was on the verge of tears but kept her lips sealed tight Should I apologize again, or should I give her some breathing room to heal? Any thoughts or tips, or advices or stories you can share would be like gold to me.

How to win her back? how can I get her back?
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