Girls, How to win her back?

Basically. I failed her. Let her down. She hasn't ruled out reconciling. I have a short fuse at the best of times, which has served her well on occasion. But also can be a negative.

Look. We've separated after 11 years and sit alone wondering how I can win her back. She's not ruled it out.

I know I need to rail in my temper, but that has served her well so when, how if it happens.

Look. I am just looking out for her in a big city.

Drink also plays a part and I am more than willing to stop.

Sensible advice ladies. Just want her back and I know the obvious.

What can I do? I love her so much.

The thing I don't get is she wants to be independent (which I love) but relies on me. Sometimes I just don't know when she wants support.

Girls, How to win her back?
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