Ex boyfriend held my hand, why?

I picked my ex boyfriend from his friends house to take him home, and he took my hand and held it within a minute of being in the car. Does he still have feelings for me?


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  • I have a theory that not everyone knows what being a boyfriend/girlfriend is. My other theory is that I don't think everyone knows what being an ex boyfriend/girlfriend is. There are certain things you can do as each and holding hands with an ex is not one of them. It COULD mean he still likes you however, most physical contact after a breakup means they're looking for post-breakup sex. If he asks you out, then it's probably OK to assume he still likes you but for now, just look at it as he's looking for some action.


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  • Did it feel nice?

  • Yeah I think it's pretty likely he still has feelings for you. Who broke up, if you don't mind me asking? Was it you or him?

    Gosh I'd find that awkward if I had an ex still taking me places..!

    • Yeah, anyone would assume it would be awkward, lol! Well, I broke it off with him a couple of weeks ago because all I thought was that he wanted to be physical and didn't care about me as much as I did for him. About a week later I apologized to him over it but we hardly talked afterward, and then Saturday night he really needed a ride home and he asked me to come get him.

    • I see.. fair enough.. don't rush into anything you're not prepared for.. all the best!

    • you are very pretty by the way :)

  • It sounds like it. I don't hold a woman's hand unless I like her.


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