Why did my ex boyfriend cry in front of me? Now he's saying he'll do anything to make things right between us.

He came to see me Because he knew I was extremely angry at him for the crap he had given me since he dumped me 2 months ago. He didn't see he did anything wrong until he found out how angry I was and what he had done wrong was pointed out. I gave out to him and he was trying so hard to hold back the tears hiding his face with his hands etc. Eventually I felt bad and awkwardly comforted him for like half an hour. He was very nervous around me Now he's saying he'll do anything to make things right between us. I just don't know why he cried. I mean he dumped me and ya he was a bit of a douche to me but come on I don't know any guy to cry over this. Whys he upset?



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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe he actually realizes he did you wrong. That happens, we guys are capable of learning. Don't act so surprised! Shouldn't he feel bad?

    • I know he should feel bad but he has never been the type of person to show emotions at all. Even when we were dating he never showed any emotion. So its just a really big shock to me.

What Girls Said 1

  • he feels guilty and he doesn't like having to face what he'd done to you. it's easy for guys to do that unless it's up in theri face. they can compartmentalize things and almost pretend they didn't happen as a way to protect themselves from their emotions


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