Should I keep quiet, or tell her her zipper was down?

I saw a very tall colored girl at Wall mart yesterday. She was an employee there, and her zipper was all the way down and gapped open. I walked over very close to her and told her it was down. I am sure she was horribly embarrassed, but she pulled up her zipper. I have seen this sort of situation before, zipper down, a breast exposed, etc. I am always torn. Do I tell the girl and embarrass her, or keep quiet and let her find out on her own?

  • Tell her even though it will embarress her.
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  • Let her figure it out for herself.
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  • if it's not showing anything embarrassing I wouldn't say a word unless I knew them OR if they were the same sex as me. like I wouldn't tell a man his fly was open but I'd tell another woman.

    • Well, I could tell she was wearing low rise panties as there was pubic hair visible. What I did was walk over very close in front of her, facing to her side, and asked if she would want to know that her zipper was down. I then walked off immediatly as she was saying "yes, thank you"

    • you handled that very well but I can't honestly say that if it were a guy that I would have done the same thing. I would for another woman without hesitation though...and I would be mortified if a man said that to me and that[s probably why I would react that way YES it's better to know than not know but I think I'd almost rather he ignore it and I find out another way.

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  • dunno why the "colored" part came up in this story...and who still says "colored"

    smh...i don't even care to answer your question anymore..

    • Who? Old people. I grew up in a house where the term was n... Each succeeding generation moifies it's language. As for the race refered too, they can't form a concensus on propper terminology. Infact I have often heard them use the term n... as well as black, aftican American, negro, and a host of more derogatory names. I tend to go with the largest spokesgroup for that race, the NAACP. And if your confused the CP is colored people. There is always someone trying to stir up sh*t.

    • no1s trying to start anything...just as the girl below me also said, what did her skin complexion have to do with anything (I wudve said the same thing if you had said "fat" "white" "indian", etc). Just think more before you write something. Some people are offended by it, so as I said before...think next time.

    • Her complexion had nothing to with this, nor did her height, but I mentioned that also. I guess it is just my opinion that the occasional adjective helps to paint a picture in the mind of the reader. And I notice neither you or the girl below mentioned me refering to her as tall, so yes, you were being hypersensative. Might I sugest in future if you have a minor problem with someone elses views, you try being a bit more tolerant. :)

  • Tell her in the nicest way possible. However, it's always gonna be a bit awkward and embarrassing. I think you should have told her since most of us prefer to know from one person than the entire world seeing it but remaining silent! You did the right thing in my opinion.

  • i was at the shopping centre once and this girl had shorts on and you could see half of her arse.

    i told her, and she gave me the funniest look.

    turns out, she was just a slag

    the end

  • id want someone to tell me in a discreet way. ya id be embarrassed a bit but then I would be more embarrassed when I found out

  • it is always better to be told so that you can fix it than to walk around with something embarrassing.

  • I'd say tell her! but just say it in the most gentlest way possible!

  • Colored? What does skin color have to do with your story? I saw a skinless woman walk past with blood on her but. Is it okay for me to say that? Get you terminology right. Ado an American or Caucasian. Not colored wtf?


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