I'm evil, but good with women

I'm evil, but good with women.

This is going to sound evil, and I don't have a better word for it, so lets get started. Hi my name is (unimportant) and I'm here to teach you about the wonders of dread.

Dread is the constant fear of loss of a partner for provisioning (whether that be financial, emotional, or in rare cases, sexual) dread had multiple causes, the main one being competition anxiety. Here's where the evil comes in. You want woman to feel this anxiety, you want them to be uncomfortable, confused, unaware of your standing. A woman will never try harder then when she is seeking your approval. This is when you will get her best (emotional, sexual, and in rare cases, financial) you want there to be a spark of anxiety and uncertainty. You don't want her to be comfortable, you want her to be afraid. Afraid of losing you, And you need to stay detached. This is why you see women who will turn down countless men, but then stay up at night obsessing over one guy who doesn't appear that interested in her.

That uncertainty is exciting, it draws women in for reasons I can't fathom, and keeps them hooked so long as the fear is still there. You even need to keep this fear into marriage. Never overtly, but through example, self-improvement, and options. The best way to seed competition anxiety is to display that you have options or the ability to obtain options if need be. That is why self improvement is necessary.

Never explain your methods because you will be looked down upon, but using these methods I've had more success than my richer, better looking competitors. I hope that I have helped you men.

Ladies, my purpose is not to advise against you, but to help each gender get the best possible out of the other gender. Women can and do use the same tactics against men, so don't wave your fist of righteous anger at me for sharing the best kept secret.


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  • having more females around you does not make you succesful or "better" than your richer, better looking competitors
    if you go to a strip club or orgy or w/e you are ging to have females all over you, does that make you better than the settled guy in a happy marriage with one woman?

    yes you are evil and no you are not good to women...
    and any guy who follows this advice... well we dont wanna hear a peep out of you when a woman puts you through all the mind games

    im someone who finds mind games to be exhausting and makes the relationship empty (kinda like when you are trying to make someone laugh and you tickle them, which automatically forces them to laugh, instead of actually doing some work and trying to say something funny) im also kinda naive... dont get me wrong i can play that game very very well... but i hate it

    i always wanted a guy who was also sweet and innocent so we would be open with each other and be ourselves without all the planning and pressure... etc like relationships back in the day
    yes of course keep the relationship exciting and each should have personal space and some alone time... but there shouldn't be manipulation 24\7

    but apparently these are all dreams and mind games ARE necessary...

    • oh and to help you wit you can't fathom... women are usually cold/detached when they are hurt or broken inside
      usually when a guy does it most girls' motherly instincts kick in and they wanna help him feel better (kinda like how some girls go after bad guys because they believe they are just acting out because of w/e issues and they wanna help them out.. AKA "fix them")

      also like 10% the mystery and that the guy is intriguing... etc

    • Look at context before you respond. I am more succesful with women. I'm good with women not good to women. Women use these tactics all the time and they are considered normal. Your anger is misplaced.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Common pick up stuff. But yeah, it does work. Whenever I meet a girl, I always, in an indirect way, let her know from the beginning, that I have a female friend or throw in another girls name somewhere so that she knows I have options. Works like a bombed. Also the not texting back for a while always works.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Wow
    Great to know that some guys use mindfucking as a tactic to bring us closer to them. Why can't everyone just cut the bullshit and be honest with their feelings? Smfh I will never understand...
    And with that being said, good luck. Hopefully your tactics don't come round to bite you in the ass. Because sometimes you can shove a person right out the door by being a right prick👍

    • And while this sounds bad, I've had healthy, caring relationships generate from this. In long term relationships this will keep your woman sexually attracted to you, which is good for both of you.

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    • Studies have shown women in long term relationships become less and less attracted to their partner. They begin to see him as a provider rather than a partner of equal need and value. This counteracts that, but you are right sexual attraction must already be present.

    • I don't know why that happens. Of you have a connection with someone that should make you more sexually attracted and if you form a bond with somebody you shouldn't give them the push and pull. Because one day you may shove too hard and that person is right out the door, never to return. Just be careful and try not to hurt anyone. Especially yourself.

  • Good way to start a relationship, not so good a way to keep one.
    I'm cuddly and something like this would just make me cry everyday even if I don't leave. Seriously is that what you want?

    You may be loved passionately but you ain't getting a healthy marriage from it.


What Guys Said 3

  • As a guy who used to be baffled by women, I have to agree.

    However, I really find it tiring going through this whole bullshit, I wanted to be able to love freely and express myself and women were unable to give me that or accept it. Having sex never came close to giving me the satisfaction I really wanted.

    So yeah being single/without sex is better, throw out mind games when you REALLY want to get laid but otherwise why bother?

  • The person who posted this is going to get a lot of hate from women but he is right. Why do you think women go for assholes? Because they are exciting, women love a man who knows when to stir up the pot and create just enough drama to keep them on their toes... The worst thing you can be if you are a man is boring.

    • I'm all for excitment but mind games no thanks👍

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    • And there ya go generalizing me with other women again! I'm off and out. This is a waste of my previous time.

    • @tattooedhandfet You do not represent all women and you trying to excuse their bad behavior by dismissing it as generalizations and vilifying me for having the nerve to point it out only makes your gender look worse to all the men reading this.

  • An inconvenient, but interesting truth to the psychology of most women, I have always had this theory but never applied it too much. If you throw yourself at women they look at you as desperate and you put them on a pedestal. The trick is to turn it around on them, and you will be the potential partner she craves.


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