What I have learned so far about dating and love in my short life


What I have learned so far about dating and love in my short life

I wanted to make this myTake to share my experiences in dating and love and what I learned about them even though I am pretty young still and still immature, What I learn can help other girls or guys in my position and learn how to improve from past dating mistakes or mistakes in love.If there any grammar or spelling mistake my bad and I am too lazy to change it.

If the person really liked or care for you you wouldn't be worry about if they are playing you.

What I meant by this for example I just saw a question about why a guy would pick a slutty girl over a good shy girl. If that guy truley care for you that girl wouldn't stand a chance against you. If your crush or partner makes you feel like you should feel worry they don't feel the same way its time to either bring it up to them and try to work it out or move on.

If they don't act like they trust you or too controlling over your life nothing will change who they are its time to move on.

I had experience with my ex that he never trust me when I was talking to friends who are male even though I show him the messages, I remove them from facebook, I barley talk to them he never trusted me even after I did all that I realize that because if he did trust me he will never had a issue in the first place. I also realize I couldn't never change who he was he was a control freak trying to control my life and who I talk to etc and I realize I am happy that I didn't change him the damage was done and I am better off without him. If you have someone who always question if they can trust you or tries to control you in ways that seem unreasonable (who you talk to, who you can hang with, who you can have on social media etc etc) get rid of them its not fair for you to go through all that.Plus there plenty of people in the world who can love and trust you and wouldn't control your life and let you live freely.

If you feel like the person you have the relationship with is taking a lot but won't give a lot for you, you can do better.

If you feel like only you are the one really trying in the relationship then move on chances are they don't really care for you and probably gaining something from this relationship or they too immature to see how their ways are hurting you. Moving on is the hardest part but the easiest part is when you finally move on and learn to never make the same mistake again.

Always look at signs before you get your heart broken.

Whether the signs where there that they weren't trying hard enough for you or they were cheating always when in a relationship or have a crush look at the signs there. If they never truly wanted to date the signs would had been there you just haven't notice it.

Its okay to except more from someone while in a relationship.

If they are not pulling their weight in the relationship then chances are you can do so much better. There are people out there will do anything for their partners why will you settle for someone who is less? why stay with someone if they not trying hard enough to make it work with you? If you feel like you don't except much from this person and they still can't do what you ask for them its time to move on to someone who can pull weight up.

There is more I have learned but I leave that to a other mytake, hope someone finds this helpful or agree completely. If you disagree I respect your opinion. Hopeful you learn at lease one thing from this mytake.

What I have learn so far about dating and love in my short life.

What I have learned so far about dating and love in my short life
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  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    by reading the title i thought you were going to die soon
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      Okay you can say that. Or my I haven't lived long either.