Having a racial preference in who you date IS one hundred percent racist


Having a racial preference in who you date IS one hundred percent racist.

And Here's Why:

There's going to be 2 cases, the first where you're an 100% racist/bigot and you know it (the typical racist). Or the 2nd case, where you are an all around tolerant person except when it comes to who you choose to date, that does't necessarliy make you a bigot or hateful person, but that is 100% racist. It's 'unconcious racism', in your head you've already decided that not one person in an entire race can be attractive to you. Every asian/black/white/whatever man/woman in the world no matter how much you have in common, no matter if you have the same religion, no matter if he/she attractive, intellegent, kind is not attractive to you.

Think about that, you already blacklisted all of them based solely on their race, that is undeniably close minded and prejiduce. But can you be blamed and removed from the public square over this? Not really, because although it's a racist position, you aren't necessarily perpetuating racism. When these discussions arise, for the most part everyone's reactions are "oh, you can't choose who you like" or "that's just the way it is", wrong. Honestly, most people are not strong minded enough to overcome unconcious racism, these ideals come from the environment, the culture of racism, society etc. you just happened to be born in. But that is a whole nother discussion for a different time.

Having a racial preference in who you date IS one hundred percent racist
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  • Anonymous
    I agree. I've been saying this for the longest time. You have no idea. I've been saying this for years and yet people still (especially on here) still say they aren't racist. No they aren't bigots, but they still are being racist if they have a racial preference. It doesn't make them horrible people, but it still makes them racist. I've been saying this.

    I'm attracted to all races. All races. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman and personalities definitely don't depend on race, so it doesn't make sense to me to have racial preferences.
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  • Anonymous
    Just becuase I don't want to date a black person doesn't mean I am racist. Racism means to stereotype or hate a race. I don't hate blacks, I just don't want to date them, I'm simply not attracted to them. There is a difference between racism and having preferences.
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    • Anonymous

      I find it hilarious that you automatically went to black people. Preference is rooted in racism.

    • Anonymous

      I was making an example and I wouldn't date other races either. I doesn't make me a bad person and I don't hate other races either.

    • Anonymous

      Did you even read it?

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  • heavensgift2girls
    How about if people sleep with the people they are attracted to and everyone else learn to accept they aren't going to be everyone's type? Yet just another person wanting to shame other people for their sex lives. Who I do or don't have sex with is non of your business.
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  • Jack_S
    Very interesting argument, but if we are to follow that logic, choosing to date only one gender is sexist. Which is fine. If that is the working definition, then I don't care if I'm labled as so.
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    • Anonymous

      That's a false equivalency.

    • Jack_S

      Can you elaborate?

    • Anonymous

      It's a logical fallacy which describes a situation where there is a logical and apparent equivalence, but when in fact there is none.

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  • TadCurious
    People are romantically attracted to those they're attracted to. You feel compelled by your race obsession to deconstruct that and label that "100% racist." But thank you very, very much for acknowledging that the reality of attraction for people shouldn't get them "banned from the public square." That is very tolerant of you.
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  • BreatheMe19
    For arguments sake, if a person prefers skinny/thin women, does that make them fat shamers?
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    • Bluemax

      Does being attracted to only beautiful people make one a beautyist?

    • Anonymous

      No, because you have to fat shame someone to be a "fat shamer". Bad choice.

  • nalaa
    It's normal to be attracted to people like us, people we grew up around beause familar is safe and safe is good, if you want to survive long enough to pass on your genes to the next generation
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    Actually, if I met a genuinely attractive Asian or Arab or black, etc., person who I liked to talk with and spend time with, I would totally date them.

    It's just that I have only fallen for girls who happened to be white or Mexican. I'm not actively trying to avoid other races. If I said, "I don't wanna date Asians" that would be racist. If I just never happened to come across a girlfriend-material Asian, that doesn't make me racist.

    There aren't very many non-whites around here.
  • zagor
    So, if you won't date someone 30 years older or younger, you are ageist? If you won't date someone very short or very tall, you are heightist? If you won't date someone you consider ugly, you are looks-ist?

    Everyone has their preferences in who they are attracted to - I am very big on nice skin, regardless of the shade. Just because someone has preferences doesn't mean they hate people who don't meet those standards.
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  • GreatnessPersonified
    So fucking what?
    Am I supposed to give up what makes ME happy because it offends a bunch of people who don't give a damn about my happiness anyway?

    Fuck you.
  • Mártainn
    It's like saying gays are sexist for not dating women...
  • bluenose1872
    You ever heard of over thinking? I don't give a flying fuck what any liberal dicks think or their stupid labels and efforts to shape society. I don't even give a shit about the word racist or its implications. I'm not part of any social gang. I'm the only person who walks in my shoes. I date white girls as a white man and that's that. It feels right and proper and that's all I care about. It's a wonder half the western world's not on anti depresses worrying about all the shit they worry about. Stop trying to fit in and just live
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  • mutedaisy
    I don't like pale skin and straight hair so I wouldn't date someone with those features.
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  • blondfrog
    Go suck on a raging boner I don't care your not a hero and you suck.
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  • StickStickity13
    It's natural to want to mate with people that are our same race
  • racheltyy001
    Interesting take

    I agree.
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  • BelleGirl21
    I guess I'm racist by this thinking then 😒
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  • AdamThomas
    I suppose I must be racist then.
  • Anonymous
    Racism means when one race is more superior than another for example " In the states back in the day white people thought they were better than blacks and had them as slaves". People now point out anything as racist saying that if you dislike Muslims your are a "racist". What? Muslim is a religion, not a race. Same with Jewish and Christians. Anyone can be a Muslim. Another thing to, everyone is entitled to have preferences with selecting a partner. Me personally I wouldn't date someone who overweight due to the fact that I work out. And I personally would never date a Muslim because I strongly disagree with the religion. And honestly opinion, I don't find men from Arabian, Iran and those type of countries attractive in MY personal opinion which I'm entitled to have. There are guaranteed other girls interested just not me. It's human nature to select who to breed with and that's that.
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  • Anonymous
    Sure if you look at it that way, but then it's alright to be racist like that. After all it's also sexist to only date women, but that's nothing to feel guilty about.
  • Anonymous
    This is a great example of how the term "racism" has been bastardized to the point where it now has little meaning.

    When it comes to dating and finding a life partner, people are naturally drawn to others who are like them. They have natural preferences and they should, and have every right to honor those preferences without someone accusing them of being "racist".
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    • Anonymous

      Nah, the basis not choosing someone to date is rooted in racism. You might just say "I'm not attracted to them", but why is that, because you find their features less than. You might not think they as a people are inferior or your superior to them, that is why it's "unconscious" and you can't really blame anyone for it.

    • Anonymous

      Different =/= inferior

      We all have preferences in terms of height, hair color, eye color, personality, and many other things. Those are all preferences and they are rooted in our genetics. We are attracted to people like ourselves and like our parents.

      Trying to make that about racism is pure ignorance and really does harm to people who are victims of ACTUAL racism because it only serves to cheapen the concept of what racism ACTUAL is.

      You need to get over this.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, please. That is not rooted in genetics, what a cop out. What's rooted in your genetics is your skin color, your height, what you're going to look like, the size of your dick etc, not what kind of girl/boy you're going to be attracted to, lol that's just fucking ridiculous. Different does not equal inferior, I agree but that's a terrible argument, everybody in your own race looks different and yet you still date in your race while denying ones outside. Trying to act like it's random or in your genetics is pure ignorance.

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