Why Guys Don't Date Chicks With Kids

Why Guys Don't Date Chicks With Kids

Personally I at the young age of 19 don't wan't to be tied to a woman with kids. That's to much baggage and drama. This brings up questions like "Why did you decide to have kid(s), Because you have a kid are you going to be to clingy?, Who is the dad?, Where is he?, How would he feel if I'm around?"

Most people in general want to be free to explore relationships and end them at will. Guys often take kids as a red flag that the woman would hold on to tightly because the kid needs a father figure. He don't want to take care and raise a kid that isn't his especially if he's young and still exploring relationships.

They see kids and they think about the dad. The dad may be a threat to the relationship. Where ever he is he more than likely will be a factor and eventually affect the relationship. The guy automatically thinks that the dad is dangerous and maybe he wants to fight. Noone wants to deal with that drama.

This dosen't stop every guy from dating chicks with kids but these thoughts are what most are thinking. Usually those who are older and have kids themselves choose someone who has kids as a dating option. If he truly loves you he will love your kids.

This is myTake why guys don't date chicks with kids. thank you

~ Nightmare Neal


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  • i just dont date them because it won't be an equal relationship.