6 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Date Smart Women

6 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Date Smart Women

Ahhh, got you to click, didn't I? Tricksy, tricksy, am I. ;)

Actually, the title is to prove a point: For whatever reason, it's a standard Internet rule that people are far more likely to click on a headline that's negative in tone as opposed to a positive one. In other words, "10 Reasons I Love..." will almost invariably get less attention than "10 Reasons I Hate..." (though it depends a little on the subject). Not a pleasant commentary on the general Internet attitude, which is why we see entire Takes dedicated to this phenomenon. There's another one here.

Point is, I can almost guarantee that this title gets more attention than if I had worded it, "6 Reasons Why You Should Always Date Smart Women." And in fact, that's the true crux of this Take. :P So, on with why you should always opt to go for women with some brains:

6. Mom will give you her stamp of approval

Call it what you will (older females realizing that intelligence matters more in the long run?) but mothers are far more likely to endorse the girl of your choice if she's got some smarts. If you bring this home-

-your mother's reaction will be just like Lois'. I promise. And no, it doesn't seem to make any difference if the mother is a waitress or a professor; they all seem to value the brains. Maybe they just want them to finally put you in your place, as mom never managed to. :P

5. It keeps you young

A guy who has to work to keep up stays young. This is true for both the physical and mental: If you've got to work that much harder on a daily basis, no matter what you're doing, that activity will make you live longer. I'm almost certain it's true. If not, at the very least, time will pass quickly and you'll enjoy every moment of it because at least your life is interesting.

6 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Date Smart Women

Which leads me to #4...

4. Your life is bound to be more interesting

It just is. Even if the girl isn't the adventurous type, smarter people simply have more going on in their heads. Yeah, they're more likely to want to travel all over the place, see and experience new things, etc, because they actually enjoy learning. And if they're just so smart that they're batshit insane, well, your life will still be interesting, won't it? I mean, it might get a little hairy when she snaps and thinks the secret to live involves your death but hey, "interesting" is a very subjective term.

6 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Date Smart Women

3. I'm sorry, but dumb women get really boring...really fast

They just do. And then they go from boring to obnoxious and tiresome. A dunce is easily predictable; she doesn't have a lot of layers, you know? Once you've peeled the onion and realized that there's like two layers rather than the twenty-two you were hoping to find, disinterest creeps in. And no, it really doesn't matter how hot she is. Okay, it matters, but only to a point. You might stick with the hot chick a little longer just because she's hot but ultimately, the relationship ends up in Dullsville.

6 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Date Smart Women

2. It might rub off on you...

Even if you weren't that great in school, even if you've always thought of yourself as a little light on the brains, being with someone who's smarter will have a positive impact. It's inevitable. You're sharing your life with someone who you're around 24/7 and when we share every aspect of our lives with another person, there's a lot of subconscious sharing going on. Never liked stage plays or the opera? If you go a few times, you might. No interest in that gallery opening? Hey, maybe next time you'll be the one who wants to go.

6 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Date Smart Women

1. At their core, I think all men want to be challenged

I'm willing to bet women like to be challenged, too, but I believe it's part of a man's DNA. Well, the men who aren't total slugs, anyway (and there are waaaay too many of those these days). As much as he might not want to admit it, a man tends to embrace challenges and this is one of the most fulfilling challenges a man will ever undertake.

One final caveat to all of this: If one person in a relationship is a lot smarter than the other, some of these reasons might not fly. Whether people choose to believe it or not, it's just a fact that, most likely, the rocket scientist won't have as much in common with the janitor. I'm not saying it's impossible for these two people to be happy together (I really hate having to make constant disclaimers in today's world, but whatever) but we all know how things typically work, right?

P.S. I'm taking bets on whether or not this article gets a comment from an irate poster who didn't read past the headline. ;)

6 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Date Smart Women
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Most Helpful Girl

  • jellybelly777
    Well it depends on what type of smart. Street smart or book smart. Some book smart guys would find street smart women intriguing while other not because of social circles and some street smart men would prefer a book smart girl. Depends on individual taste but it is true that smart women are mostly the single ones but I guess that comes with age as well and personal social circumstances. Most women go for the degree because of poor back ground and I guess are more focused on a career and making money instead of love because of the fear of ending up like their parents or what they see other uneducated women go through when they get married have kids and ending up divorced with no decent income. If a men is emotionally and financially secure he most probably will go for his taste where as a men that has ego problems and financially secure would go for a woman less intelligent to compliment his fall backs. Same would go for a man that is secure in himself will go for a smart woman because he doesn't see her as a challenge or competitor but then again the final decision will be based on the external. But I think men now will go for an intelligent woman that makes her own money because he don't want to empty his bank account when things go sour. So I guess love is selfish and all about what we can get out of it being it her intelligence, her physical appearance, his money or just pure unconditional wuv :) .
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    • kat_gran

      Can somebody please give this woman MHO?

      What a great answer! Wow, thank you. Was very nice reading that :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    I have dated many intelligent women in my lifetime. . . and a few not quite so bright. I would estimate my current girlfriend's IQ to be 140-145 and every one of your points is validated by this relationship.

    Your point about negative headlines is well taken. So many people want to be the white knight who comes in and does battle with the moron who made some insane comment. If only they were willing to do battle in their real lives instead of this fantasyland.
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  • rjroy3
    In my experience, intelligence in a girl isn't always associated with a more interesting life. Many intelligent women are actually very boring and rely on you to provide the fun. Now, most are stimulating as far as conversation. But past that meh, no guarantees. I've actually had more fun with girls who were less accomplished in the academic arena than girls who graduated with honors and had 2 degrees. With just as much mentally stimulating conversation. They simply used a smaller vocabulary to accomplish that. There's been two exceptions and both were because even tho they were very intelligent, they still actually knew how to let go of having to be the smart one and just have fun.

    I respect accomplished women who are proud of their intelligence. But I don't like women that define themselves by their intelligence and how much they know. A girl needing to have her intelligence validated is no different than a girl that needs to have her looks validated quite honestly. They often go out of their way to show you how smart they are in a very "look at me. Look at me" sort of way. A girl that knows she is smart and is just comfortable with who she is, really is far more appealing. But that's also less common to find.

    That aside other, I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your points lol. Just sharing my subjective experience opinion.
    • Fathoms77

      I agree with some of that. I will say, though, that the truly intelligent person also has the wisdom and self-security to not always be seeking validation. Frankly, I don't see someone as particularly intelligent at all if they keep trying for validation. And of course, "fun" is an exceedingly relative term... I know most people think of parties and things of that nature when they hear the word, but intellectuals might be thinking of a cozy fire, crossword puzzles, cocoa, and documentaries. :P

    • rjroy3

      Lol fair point. I was referring to fun that doesn't require sex, drugs or alcohol.

    • I agree, although same is true for guys and just being friends with people haha. It can be annoying when someone is too serious about their academic achievements.

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  • missnic825
    It's nice to know some men value the women who have brains... :-)

    I know I hated when I was growing up that there was a stereotype that you could be the "smart" girl, or the "hot" / "desirable" girl. Luckily I wised up to that pretty quick and thought, "Why can't a girl be both smart AND pretty"? :-)
    • Yet you never executed the smart/pretty combination yourself.

    • missnic825

      @VegasNewFallout I'm sorry, do I know you? Or do you just get a kick out of insulting random people on the internet?

    • missnic825

      @VegasNewFallout never mind, I checked your post history and figured out the answer myself (I'm smart like that).

  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    I was very mad at first, and then continued to be mad once I realized how well you played me. Good job. Asshole.
    I was gonna make some snarky comment about how I never wanna date anyone anyway but then you did good.
    Thanks xD
  • Giacomanzo
    I agree with all of this, but I have to make something clear.

    "Smart" and "Acculturated" are not mutually dependent attributes. Someone can be smart without having the third grade, and someone can be a living encyclopedia without having the slightest clue of how to use his immense knowledge.
    • Fathoms77

      Yes, true, but we have to be really careful about taking exceptions as the rule. We've been doing that for a long time in this country and it's entirely illogical.

    • Giacomanzo

      I'm not following.

  • Sara413
    I was ready to be so fucking mad... lol well played.
  • AleDeEurope
    Hahah nice played, I was about to get mad xD

    Great Take. Smart women are the best, it's what every man should strike for (and vice versa too).
    I couldn't stand being with a dumb girl, it would be impossible to deal with that. How am I suppose to live a life with someone who makes me face palm every time she opens her mouth?
    I value intelligence, that's why I never stop learning, so I need someone with that same mentality, and if it's better, then perfect.
  • JudgmentDay
    Well said, and well thought out mytake. Interesting tactic with the title to get somebody's attention to click on it and read it, I like that.

    I'm sold on this one. I'd pass and spread the word for those guys that are still single and is still interested in dating as I thought you have given great advice and that it all actually made sense.
  • shadowlegend
    You say these things... but I see man after man opting for the dumb bitch with the hot body, rather than the woman with the intellect and certain standards.
  • orphan
  • FlutteringFeelings
    Smart in what way? I don't even have a say because i'm not the smartest person but i won't say that i'm dumb. I'm a procrastinator but i know my stuff.
  • MrShinyPants
    The reason i clicked actually was to say dating smart women is a good thing, keeps you on yoyr toes and you can have interlectual conversations with them, also was going state, if the bad thing is because they catch you in lies or cheating or etc.. Then the solution is easy, dont do stupid thingd like that lol
  • shinyunicorn
    people really need to start to define 'smart'... is a smart woman someone who has a phd and knows how to solve every math problem? or is a smart woman someone who is very artistic and has some unique views on life?
    why don't we just use the easiest example and say "don't be a dumb bimbo and you're good to go"?
  • JohnDoe3000
    So many reasons to date smart women... but there are so few of them out there (as in actually smart, not your average college grad who thinks that automatically makes her smart even though more than half of all young women graduated from college) and they tend to already have boyfriends.
  • John_Doesnt
    So what are the dumb girls supposed to do, just be alone forever?
    • Fathoms77

      One of my favorite quotes comes from The 13th Warrior. It's when one of the vikings tosses a sword to Antonio Banderas' character and Banderas says, "I cannot lift this."

      The viking replies, "Grow stronger!"

    • Jennifer94

      No, but I think that 'dumb' kind of equates to vacuous/vapid rather than unable to learn...

  • Jennifer94
    There is no correlation between looks and intelligence. There are lots of smart, hot women, and dumb average/ugly ones. Most of the dumb women called 'hot' are actually just fake (i. e. fake tan, hair, breasts etc)
    • True! Plus there are a lot of dumb but average looking women and smart but average looking women. Average as in not ugly but not stunning. You feel me?

  • slimstiffy
    Hah. You got me. I was gonna say i would ONLY date intelligent women but you threw me off. It seems that a lot of the guys i know
    Actually want girls to be dumb. I admit its kinda cute at first but it really bores and annoys me when some girls actually ACT dumb. Its a childish thing and not a feminine thing. I want to be able to talk with a girl about similar topics and think in the same way..
  • clampfan101
    Your little trick in the title surely worked wonders on me. (Sneaky little... 😒)

    Anyway, I agree 100% with the description. I also simply find intelligence in women ultra attractive. (Maybe even sexually.) Same with glasses. They can easily look super cute and/or hot on any girl. 😊

    I very much want my girl to be a super smart geek. Haha! 😋
    (And a redhead, 'course. 😘)
  • Anno_Domini
    My first girlfriend never went to college. She was a very nice person, but we couldn't really have intellectual conversations. She would essentially listen to me talk and be in awe of my intelligence (being sarcastic, there, of course).

    The woman I'm dating now is a college teacher. It's great to be able to have two-sided conversations about all kinds of interesting things, and it keeps me on my toes.
    • They're called professors. (sorry, I had to)

    • @dragonfly6516 not if they aren't tenured. My boss is a retired professor with a doctorate. She was very touchy about such titles back when I worked for her at the school as a student. A non tenured person is a teacher or instructor.

    • I didn't know that; I was only teasing, but thanks for setting me straight :-)

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  • dipta
    I see you wrote this for the intelligent man.
  • LaVilaine
    From what I've noticed, men like to be the smartest in the relationship. Us girls in STEM have to stand our ground. Or date guys in STEM.
    • Just because someone is in "STEM" doesn't mean they're smart :D

    • LaVilaine

      @frozenhorizon it tends to help you get through the profession. I don't think I would have been able to get through four years of engineering school and now most of my masters in engineering without being halfway intelligent.

    • BigJake

      Bullshit. Smart girls try even harder than smart guys to prove how smart they are, like they're carrying this massive chip on their collective shoulder that makes them want every guy to eat shit. Too much ego kills likability every time.

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  • VegasNewFallout
    Clickbait title and bullshit, sycophantic reasons.


    • Fathoms77

      And it's really funny that you clicked and commented.

    • Yep, it's not like you make money off of it so it's NBD to click and tell you that you're a plonker.

    • Fathoms77

      Newsflash: So-called "clickbait" exists because people keep clicking on it. If you don't want it to exist, stop clicking.

      Supply and demand, my friend.

  • Panay
    Yes! Completely agree, I can't stand dumb people n general, I need company that's interesting and intelligent-bit necessarily amazingly smart, just not stupid and ignorant.
    Although that doesn't necessarily mean academically talented, I've got some great friends who don't do amazingly in exams but are actually very intelligent.
  • ChgzDaniel
    As a dumb woman I am offended by what you wrote here... No I'm just kidding, I'm freeking Einstine bitch!
  • LittleSally
    So... your title has nothing to do with the reasons...
    I agree with the reasons, not with the premise in the title, though.
    • It was a play on words. He's basically saying if these 6 reasons aren't intriguing to you, then you shouldn't date a smart girl. It's a writer's technique people use to grab attention: Say something rude and off the wall or offensive, then go another direction with it.

    • @EllieLexis513 I know. Still don't agree with it.

  • MargaritaPeach
    Smart girls are great; but they have to be well-rounded. If you direct too high a percentage of your efforts on simply gaining knowledge or improving your academic base, you risk falling short in other areas. There has to be shared hobbies and interests; there needs to be chemistry in the bedroom. Personal beliefs and convictions count for a lot. Are both sides on the same page in terms of humanitarian affairs?

    Basically, being intelligent might snag you a smart man... but intelligence alone can't sustain a relationship. A good guy deserves a girl who is intelligent, fun, and amazing in bed. So smart ladies... make sure to broaden your horizons just a little. Just sayin'...
  • Cosytoasty
    Well you got me! lol

    Great great take, agree with it all especially #4,3 &1. Cannot emphasise number 1 more, it's so attractive when the woman can keep up and challenge you back.
  • timbergag
    It's true. I'm in a relationship with a smart, young, strong woman, and I feel younger and more challenged than before. She keeps me young.
  • jacquesvol
    I'm married to a woman I consider my equal and I've always been very happy about that.
  • RationalMale
    It really depends on what you mean by "smart."

    I went out with a woman who was getting her doctorate to become a Chiropractor, which as I found out, also involved basically a masters in biology and medicine. This woman could explain why on a cellular level why drinking makes you pee or affects your mood. She could explain why certain drugs would make sex amazing, or how certain medicines badly affected you and doctors didn't know it... she was in short, extremely smart and highly educated.

    And boring as fuck and annoying as hell and arrogant enough her head should have exploded.

    I've gone out with waitresses... girls with high school diplomas... girls who were into pop culture and not highly educated or brilliant. And they knew how to be fun and cheerful and witty, and could have me grinning or laughing because of a witty or funny comment they made.

    A girl doesn't need a masters degree... or even a bachelor's, to be smart and witty and a joy to be around.
    • Waffles731

      here is a good tip
      Chiropractry is a pseudo science,
      They have no real health benefits

    • @Waffles731 That's what people who have never been to a good chiropractor think.

    • kat_gran

      A degree has never defined intelligence, however, having a degree means you are exposed to a certain environment which nurtures your brain and aids in being a better well developed individual socially and mentally.

      And then there are degrees that develop highly, over confident, materialistic, and egotistic people... So, depends on their degree and their background as well as environment and of course as always and most important of all - personality ;-)

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  • cinderelli
    well played Mister.. ;)
    actually you made very good points.. same goes for smart men.. I've experienced this many times that if a person is not very smart.. has no sense of humor.. is very conservative or close minded.. the spark just dies.. and looks cannot help the relationship even if he/she is a 10 on 10.. I get bored with dumb people in less than a week..
    one more thing I'd like to add is that definition of ''smartness'' is a bit subjective in my opinion..
    Anyhoo.. I really liked this take.. :)
  • IndianGirl01
    Oh u r so wicked with tht headline 😂 .
    Nice take by the way.
  • Luvme66
    But the hard part is to get a samrt women to actually like guys...
  • lime_rampljuset
    Girl in the first photo looks attractive with those glasses.
  • ManOnFire
    I can agree with a lot of this. Intelligent females are always what I prefer, and they can even arouse me sexually too because of it. I do think the part about men like being challenged is true too. I know for me, when I meet an intelligent woman, I like the challenge of her ideas and something totally new she says that I've never heard from anyone else ever in my life.

    I can say that when you meet dumb girls, you feel really, really awkward with them really, really soon. Something told you she'd be great to get to know in the beginning, but then the more you found out and the more you saw from her, the more you start feeling sorry you met and that she's under your league, lol.
  • Kim87
    Did not read all of it. Was not bothered. Ahahaha...
  • bcromartie
    I disagree. This is the mentality that births pretentious fools who have a basic level degree and no experience.
    • Fathoms77

      The term "pretentious fools" is almost exclusively used by boy-men who never grew up and think speaking in complete sentences is "pretentious."

    • bcromartie

      "Almost" being the key word.

  • jjmarvin
    Pretty good take. Smarts and wit are definitely good points.
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    :D :D
  • SnowHearth
    I'm here to read the irate posters' comments.
  • Tdieseler
    You little deceitful Minx... :)
  • yololoyo
    One reason: you know you're an idiot
  • IamLouise
    So this is semi-trolling.
  • Refaeliadria
    This Tips are Extraordinary Amazing
  • akadatank44
    I will agree. I loved to be challenged.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Hahaha love it
  • jwhit
    I didn't read the whole thing 😎
  • BigJake
    Great take. If only women valued smart men...
    • We do.
      I don't speak for all women, but I personally cannot find a man physically attractive, if I do not first find him intellectually attractive.

    • BigJake

      @dragonfly6516 It really doesn't work that way for the most part, though. Why is it, then, that the most intelligent guys are always the least successful with girls?

    • Because most girls have been taught if they do not date the football star, that they won't go far/be happy in life. TV, movies, and society only romance the alpha type men, and I personally don't prefer such men.

      However, even though of the two of us I make more money as an art museum docent and city tour-guide, I am a naturally submissive woman, and I prefer men who are naturally dominant. He's a fast-food manager, and the bassist in a metal band, but I still submit to him as head of household, and he manages our finances.

      He's a deeply philosophical and intellectual person who has opened my mind to many things I never even took notice of before. He's passionate about his beliefs and views, and also artistic. He is "beautiful" physically in my eyes, but he's also made several changes to his look over the past two years, some of which would have once been a total turn off when I used to judge based on looks.

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  • lonelyoldboy
    But I'm not smart enough to date a smart woman :'(
    • Then get smarter. See, that's a reason to date smart women, they'll push you to become smarter, and therefore, a better person.

  • Benk111
    is this supposed to be a joke?
  • omrfrk
    I want one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)