Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy


In my first year of college I was like a kid in a candy store! All these intelligent, witty, funny, sexy men... how could I resist?

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

My third class of the day was my favorite. I sat behind Nick...he was so HOT. The way he smiled, the way he looked so groomed and so mysterious. It was no wonder that all the girls sat beside him! And when he looked at you...it made you feel on top of the world :)

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

I recall a month into class, a girl sat in my seat (right behind Nick), so luckily there was a seat open beside him. He smiled and said "ahh now I can copy your notes by looking to the side, instead of behind me". I laughed and it wasn't long before we were joking around for a few weeks. It was the highlight of my day.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

Finally the day had come!!! "A couple friends of mine are gonna see a movie, wanna come?" I was so excited! I got dolled up and met him alongside his buddy and his date. Nick was a gentlemen and bought us tickets and popcorn, and even opened the car door every time I made my way in and out of the car. A few dates later I was smitten and he told me that he really liked me. It wasn't just his looks, he was super nice and sweet- or so I thought.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

It was probably our 6th date when his cell phone rang and he quickly flipped his phone over. I was a little suspicious but he said "my buddy wants to go drinking, but I'm spending time with my girl". I quickly let my guard down and he hugged me.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

Two weeks later we were to go to dinner, when twenty minutes before he was to pick me up, I got a call. "Hey, my dad isn't feeling well- so I'm gonna drive up there, sorry but let's reschedule tonight". I was bummed, but I understood.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

Then again a week later, Nick phoned to tell me that he forgot he has an exam and can't hang out that evening. I was trying to be understanding but at this rate, I couldn't see why we couldn't study together. So I did what at the time I thought would be a sweet gesture. I picked up some potato chips, drive-thru burgers and drinks and went to drop off some snacks for the guy I thought I knew.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

Not sure whether it was fate... but right as I was about to walk up to his place, I saw Nick in his car with some girl and seeing as he was stroking her hair, I assumed "hey that's probably not his sister". Instead of creating a big scene, I simply waited for them to drive off. I took the snacks and food and put it outside of his door.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

The next day I sat way up in the front, far away from Nick. He tried to speak to me after class, and text me, but I just ignored him. In fact, he really didn't even try that hard to win me back, come to think of it. For the remainder of the semester he was surrounded by girls.

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy

Nick was symbolic that when a guy is too good to be true, he most likely is. I'm glad I didn't invest any more time into him. Just wish he was honest in saying, "I like you and a bunch of other girls".

Why You Should Never Date the Hot Guy
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  • MrOracle
    Hot guys and hot girls are usually the same: they have LOTS of options (because they're hot, and so everyone wants them), and because they have lots of options, they take advantage of those options.

    Guys do it by getting with a bunch of different girls, and never committing to one. Girls do it either by using one guy for resources as she cheats with other guys or by using guys as steps to climb the social and financial ladder - leaving one guy as soon as a "better" (richer or better socially connected) guy comes along.

    They key here is that they have tons of options, and the more options they have, the more likely they aren't going to be remotely faithful. Why do you think rock stars and actors and pro athletes cheat, even when they are dating/married to some of the hottest women on the planet? The answer is: because they CAN.

    And why do young, hot women date older guys (who "happen" to have millions or billions of dollars, or "happen" to be famous and socially connected): because they CAN.

    Is anyone shocked that Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston and then on Angelina Jolie? Or that Tiger Woods cheated on his Swedish model wife? If so, you're incredibly naive. You think Justin Beiber has any shortage of ultra-hot babes throwing themselves at him? Of course not, and he's going to take advantage of that, because he's young, hot, rich, famous, and so he CAN.

    If I - a nobody who isn't handsome and is relatively old - tried to date Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johannson or some other hot, famous girl - or even just some ultra-hot nobody - I'd have to be worried constantly that she'd fall for some other hot guy and get with him - because she CAN.

    I don't begrudge them for doing that - and I'm smart enough to know that's the reality.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • RainbowFanGirl
    As others have said, it has nothing to do with attractiveness. It has a LOT to do with the guy's attitude. I don't care how hot that guy is, if they are a dick then it was already a deal breaker from the start.
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  • uriborder
    a whore like you should be smeared with hot acid all over her face and forced to wear a fucking burqa
    • Cyhhgg

      An asshole like you should go and shoot himself. Since people like you like killing others before you do so, I figure why not cut to the chase.

  • matt1209
    Been there with girl that was too good to be true. Be thankful he didn't string you along like she did to me.
  • Flurr
    To be honest there aren't many guys that would committ after a few dates, and they aren't all hot either.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Alpha males rule the world. Every women thinks she deserves an alpha male. That's why so many average guys get thrown under the bus for seemingly no reason.

    Also, the mindless permute of the almighty alpha male is the main reason why more and more women are reaching their mid 30's never married, childless and disillusioned. It's simply a biological numbers game that is stacked against most women and most men. But that's how the modern day mating ritual is actually played out.

    Good article! I'm glad you're seeing the light...
  • ClauseViter
    Props to Nick.
    Sorry you got hurt.
    But you learned something valuable.
  • kitty71
    Becaue all the girls will always be after your guy for the fact he is hot
  • pavlove
    yeah, he's probably a defective model from the hot man factor
    i like the way you write.
    some cute boys are loyal
  • Maik567
    - Written by an ugly guy pretending to be a girl
    • JoyGirl

      That is what it thought... lol xD

    • JoyGirl

      Stupid auto correct. -_-

  • Whaaaaa
    Good thing every guy I date is ugly
    • lol xD

    • adorable=)

    • Whaaaaa

      @boredomgotmehere lol people think I'm kidding

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  • Sunflower19
    Typical asshole.
  • crazy_eyes
    You so did not date Nick fucking Bateman.
  • objectivetruth
    To get us alphas, you need to be a hot girl first.
  • DaddyRollingStone
    So... did this really happen then?
  • NC2341
    Nick is a f****** alpha!!!
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    im a hot girl and i can tell u that i dont have my choice or pick of men at all. about 95% of men reject me b/c i am hot and other men hate me b/c im hot and they feel im better than them. because im too hot i have to find a guy who isn't insecure and isn't going to try to put me down which is hard

    if you're a hot girl these days guys are insecure and they don't want to get with you.. even ugly guys reject me, most guys reject me. Too scared to be the 'person with the hot girl."
  • Anonymous
    Good. Im glad someome else got fucked by a hot person. Oh but u prolly actually got to fuck him. I jus got strung along.
  • Anonymous
    Most girls forget that there is "before sex guy" and after sex guy"... just like before relationship girl and after relationship girl.

    The before person will say and do anything to get you to believe they are something they are not, just to get what they want.
    The after person is the true colors of the person.

    Most "hot" guys live in the same world as the average to hot looking female... they get to pick and choose partners. They have an abundance of people doing shit for them and fighting for their attention... the difference is that women are so used to this that they take it for granted and often don't realize there is any such different world... men who get this attention on the other hand, become assholes because they know it is uncommon and that they have an upper hand against a female dominated game. They use this to their advantage because they know women will fall for it.
  • Anonymous
    I kinda get what u mean. Why not reward the good guy who is charming, nice and confident though?

    I have a question, maybe you can help me out? www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2141337-who-would-a-sweet-fun-girl-flirt-be-with-have-dirty-sex-with-based
  • Anonymous
    I'm just glad you got out before it really, really got worse, having you going months and months thinking he's faithful and really committed to you when that wasn't the case at all.

    Yes, when you're favored by your looks, maybe it can sometimes get to people's heads and they take advantage of it, but I guarantee you, he won't have those looks for long, and all that time he was playing around tugging at women's hearts, he'll likely find himself alone with no real relationship he ever gave the time and effort to work on.

    Then again, some attractive people aren't approached at all, due to others feeling intimidated, or having the assumption that they are full of themselves. If this was just ONE hot guy you had this encounter with, then don't cut yourself short of discriminating against all of them, but your title is almost like saying people should only date ugly or less attractive people. And this is not to say that less attractive people can't find love, becuase they clearly can. I've seen it way too many times in how love does not discriminate between those who are short, fat, super skinny, race, creed, nationality, etc.

  • Anonymous
    Um. Not just hot guys. ALL MALES ARE NASTY PLAYERS. all they want is sex. If they are sureounded by a ton of girls , they will try to get all of them in bed at the same time without the other girls finding out. Guys don't give a shit about a girls feelings. They don't fall in love with girls. They only like boobs and sex. Its really sad and im glas i turned lesbian. Girls actually have feelings and love people deeply, not just their a**
    • So immature ;)

    • this is so damn true- all men are pathetic stupid pigs

    • Cyhhgg


      Between the ages of 18 and 24. Yup. Not surprised.

  • Anonymous
    You girl is so good at writing narrative essays big ups to you
  • Anonymous
    Been there done that. He'll break your heart ❀️
  • Anonymous
    It's absurd how you blame it on the fact that he's hot but not on his shitty attitude and your insecurity. I doubt that all hot guys are like this. Why the hell would anyone not want to date a person just because they are attractive? That's not normal.
    • Ladybug138

      Lots of guys dont date women because they think they're unattractive. Men are shallow.

    • @Ladybug138 But not all hot guys are like this... THAT one was. Saying a hot guy will cheat is just as shallow as saying ugly guys aren't worth datingβ€”each case is different.

    • Ladybug138

      @watercolor_lions from my experience ALL guys are shallow. That's it

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  • Anonymous
    Women now realizing getting a man to sleep with you is different from committing to you and hot guys with option play the field like women.
  • Anonymous
    So because you met one asshole us girls are not supposed to date men that we are not attracted to? I do not think so. Men like that usually leave red flags that some women ignore. Im not blaming you but Im not going to date a guy who is ugly. Next time get to know the guy
  • Anonymous
    Sorry you had to go through that but this experience doesn't make all her guys assholes nor are all ugly women/guys inherently nice.

    I went through something like this recently where I met a girl who was downright beautiful and on top of it had a lot in common with me but I was taking it slow and being cautious as she just got out of a long relationship. Yet I still got dragged along, led on, and then ditched after we had sex.

    While it did hurt, generalizing all attractive women as bitchy or bad doesn't help anything.
  • Anonymous
    This is very obviously a guy pretending to be a girl. Even their writing style sounds like a dude. Nice try bro.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah well, the guys in the pictures above don't look hot in my opinion.
  • Anonymous
    None of my hot exes or my current hot boyfriend treats me like that. It's kinda ridiculous that you'd think looks = personality. You dated a shitty guy, doesn't mean all hot guys are.
    Also, my brothers are extremely popular with girls, and both of them treat girls very very well. I've always said any girl they have is lucky, and so am I because they gave me a good example for me to set the bar high with guys and not have shitty ones.

    And it's not just them. There are good looking guys all over the world who know how to treat a woman. You just haven't been able to get one.
    • You're right, looks has nothing to do with how a guy acts.

  • Anonymous
    I feel sorry for you.