Men... Never Expect a LTR With a Woman Who Have These Red Flags !

Men... Never expect a LTR with a woman who have these Red Flags !

If you are aiming for LTR then you should consider these red flags :

1-) Woman who dated much older men and prefer it.

2-) A woman who keeps in touch with her ex-boyfriends and causal sex partners.

3-) A woman who constantly want attention from beta males around her ( Social media shit ).

4-) A woman who flirts with other men. and tell you its nothing ( like WTF bitch ).

5-) A woman who doesn't have a strong relationship with her family.

6-) A woman who doesn't have a clear example of what a healthy committed relationship look like.

7-) A woman who never fight for your time, attention and love. but give the whole world an unconditional love.

8-) A woman who values her friends opinions over yours.

9-) A woman who suggest to sharing you ( Sexually ) with other people ( No real man accept that ).

9-) A woman who doesn't want to grow up in all the areas of her life.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I fit a few but I don't fight for time because I don't want to bother him or come off as clingy. Been there done that

    • Of course, its all about the balance.

    • Balance is so hard. I come off as hot n cold as if I'm playing games

Most Helpful Guy

  • I also want to add:

    - Females who love badasses and streetsy types.

    - Women who have mostly female friends, spends a lot of time with them, and would rather talk about stuff with them more than with her man.

    - Females who use you an option until they can get that guy they really like.


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What Girls Said 3

  • 9) what if I wanted to share you with a female friend?

  • 8. is kind of ridiculous. No matter how close I am with someone, just because they are my boyfriend doesn't make their opinion more important than my friends.

  • Except for number 1 I agree. Bear in mind that the best women are usually snapped up in our teens or early 20's

    • The best women are generally women in their 40s. The generation of females in their late teens and 20s are notorious for actually being one of the worst and foulest demographics in modern culture.

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    • @ManOnFire that's why I say all the best women are taken in their 20s and what's left are slitting around

    • Could be. But there are a lot of best older women too.

What Guys Said 7

  • Why do humans want to sort every damn thing into categories and give each certain attributes? The world doesn't really work this way. It is random and wild. Sometimes the worst people make the best partners. Be open to all possibilities and never expect anything. You would be disappointed most of the time if you do.

    • It has nothing to do with be open bullshit.
      I'm talking about LTR only !
      These points does not apply on other kind of relationships.

  • I agree with all of these except...1, 5, 6, and kinda 8.

    1. Dunno, don't see why this would be a huge issue.
    5. She might not be the cause of the problems. If she is, then it's a red flag, but if she just got stuck with a shitty family well... tough on her.
    6. What if I'm her first boyfriend?
    8. Eh... I'd value my friends' opinions over my girlfriend's in some situations.

  • agree with most of it but the choice of words in point 3. i strongly disagree with the beta alpha dichotomy. just wanting attention from lots of other men in general does it. no need to use that beta alpha bullshit :D

  • I only disagree with 1, 5 and the former 9.
    who she dated and prefers is not important.
    So is her relationship with her family. It may be a dysfunctional family like mine.
    To say suggesting a threesome is a red flag is extremely shallow and supresses freedom of speech.

    What is also wrong with this short mytake is:
    Using the word beta male,
    Using the word real man.

    Also isolating from her exes is too extreme. It depends of course why they are exes.

    Just my opinion.

  • Holy hell wish i would have seen this 3 months ago, started dating a girl with basically all these traits, and of course the relationship didn't last. She only wanted to hang out with her friends, i treated her like a queen, then she completely 180'd one day and said "eh not feeling a relationship" and brushed me off like it was nothing. And add what The ManOnFire guy said, all those traits too, maybe not the last one though because she's didn't use me to get anyone else, but she definitely boasts on social media, and Without me, i may add. She never wanted anything to do with me on social media.

    • Im sorry about your failed relationship !
      Thats why I (my other account) put these red flags.
      And i know that more men want an LTR than women. and its getting harder to see which one is really worth it.

    • @WTFliberals definitely, and i should have seen it coming, she's 18 and from Brazil, everything there is super carefree especially at 18, you unlock the power to do everything that you have to wait to be 21 in the US to do. Honestly, it seems a lot more fun to be a teen in Brazil, but i guess it comes at a cost of stability in your mind. When you're let off to do whatever you want so young it seems there are no rules. (I'm 20 btw)

    • Exactly man. I've been there believe me lol.
      And every year I gets old, I'm thinking to not waste my time on a suspicious relationship.
      Of course its not always gonna goes your way, but at least you can invest more time to look for something better.

  • That's cool man !
    Good post.

  • Scary but true. Add the one who has to wait to see their other possibilities before committing to your invite. Ofcourse the may need approval from her pack.


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