Criteria that determines what dating league you're in


If you are one of the people who don't believe leagues exist, just a warning, don't read this. This myTake is only intended to discuss opposite-sex dating. People usually end up with someone within their own league. A couple is usually similar in most ways or they have significant differences (compensatory genetically, financially or etc.) which make their dating values equal out. If you don't like this, too bad. It's reality.

Criteria that determines what dating league you're in

Weight and Fitness

A study has shown that people with lower socioeconomic status are more attracted to heavier people and people with high socioeconomic status are more attracted to skinnier people. If you attract people of lower socioeconomic status and you're overweight, that means you belong in a low-value, dating league. Depending on socioeconomic status of the country, certain body weights are considered more attractive than others.

Face and Body Type

Your face and body type does help determine your dating value. It's very obvious that a physically attractive doctor is going to have a much higher dating value than an ugly doctor of the same medical expertise. People with more symmetrical, clear faces and other conventionally attractive features have a higher dating value than people with an unsymmetrical face and conventionally unattractive features. That's because, as a species, humans seek out the opposite sex who has genes that are adaptable to the environment that they live in.


Most people, even people with kids, prefer someone who doesn't have kids. Do you realize how much money, work, and time children require? People with kids are usually dealbreakers for a lot of people, especially younger people, and barely anyone truly prefers to date someone who has kids from a different person.


This doesn't apply to homosexuals. A lot of people are hesitant about dating someone who's bisexual, bigender, transgender, or etc. due to the stereotypes and phobias surrounding these people. Barely anybody wants to date a queer unless they are queers or perverts.

Social Status

Believe or not, your social status does help determine who you do and don't date. These days, most people usually end up with someone within their own social status. A person with a brain wouldn't pick a poor, physically attractive person over a rich person who's just as physically attractive.


That depends on how generally repulsive your personality is. Most people have average, tolerable personalities. If you're a psychopath or extremely boring and antisocial, that will definitely lower your league. Your horrible personality will compensate for what the other person has worse off than you (looks, money, etc.). It's true, a person who's below your league is more likely to put up with your horrible personality than a person who's in your league.

Criteria that determines what dating league you're in
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  • AndyFo
    You have an interesting take I will give you that but I do have to respectfully disagree that things are not so black and white as this makes it to be. Leagues are another form of classification meant, in my opinion, only to label and throw people into certain categories. Nothing in this life is that simple or this straight forward. I suppose I just don't see my weight or my looks being the 100% determining factor to who I end up with in the end.
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    • I agree

    • "I just don't see my weight or my looks being the 100% determining factor to who I end up with in the end. "
      Of course not. Those are more like 20%. 80% is money and education.

  • JustMyTake
    I originally clicked on this because, in my fatigued stupor, I saw an image from South Park and I've been anticipating the next season of south park.

    I agree with your point about appearance, hence why I've never dated.

  • MrAdams
    Average look, no money, boring and socialy awkward... that's maybe why i aim for higher leagues always, when you are at the bottom you can't go lower.
    • Did you mean average looking, can provide himself, calm and a bit shy? You will do fine.

  • JustWorthlessMe
    The problem is that a woman who may be a 4 is looking for men who are 8+ and would be horribly offended if a 4-6 would try to talk to her.
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  • BeHappy1985
    Well if your bank account looks like a phone number you can get as many tens as your heart desires.

    So fck gym, get them benjamins $$$
  • blubblubblub
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good job
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  • Anonymous
    This is why i don't date ANY Americans at all. If this is the way the American people think, then what the is the point? What the fuck do you people prefer? Fakeness & superficiality or Authenticity? CHOOSE ONE!!!
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    • It is a bigger deal in many other countries.

    • Anonymous

      @WalterRadio How much of a bigger deal? I think everybody is fake, it's become a plastic world