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How to respond to a woman's "Change of plans" shit test

How to respond to a womans Change of plans shit test

Many of you have experienced it. You try to set a definite date with a lady with a day and an exact time to meet. Her response is, "Sure, I probably can make it."

Or the following scenario:

Guy: Where do you want to eat?

Girl: I don't know

Guy: Okay, lets go to this new bar I heard about

Girl: I don't feel like going to that new bar. Let's go somewhere else.

Guy: Where?

Girl: I don't know.

Or the other example is its 30 minutes before your date and she calls saying, "Hey, I can't make it to your place tonight. But you can stop by my place."

Listen guys. Do not fall into this trap. Assert your masculine dominance here. She is testing you to see what type of boyfriend you are going to be. Will you be her rock or a pushover?

A woman has respect and intense attraction to a man who's word is his bond. He means what he says. His actions are congruent with his words.

Ladies are going to hate me when I say this but it is true. Standing your ground when women do this elevates your value. You are no longer some weak puppy dog waiting all day by the phone with NO LIFE. You instead are a busy and accomplished man with maybe even other lady options too. She must respect your time.

Say to her, "Let's try out this place for a drink or two and see how we like it."

Or, "You know what, I am good. I just don't feel like going out tonight. You said you would stop by my place. If you still want to come that is cool. Otherwise, you are beautiful and its good to hear from you. I hope you have a good night."

SHE WILL GET PISSED OFF. This is because guys put her on a pedestal and don't talk to her like that. But deep down she will sense the strength of your character and she is going to find it sexy as fuck. She will either go along with your plan anyway or treat you better later on.

I dont know if women change plans on purpose. I think some do. I think other women do this based on biological instinct to find the strongest value man.

Do not be the doormat, be the PRIZE gentlemen!

How to respond to a woman's "Change of plans" shit test
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Most Helpful Guy

  • psm357
    When she says 'Sure, I PROBABLY can make it', you are not going to accept it. Never accept probably. Or 'I will confirm with you later'. If she says stuff like these, tell her you are a busy guy, if she is not going to commit then she is not going to meet you.

    Scenario: Guy: Where do you want to eat?
    In this scenario, the guy starts off wrongly. He should never asks the girl where to eat. He should be the one telling her where does he want her to meet him. Of course, this means the girl can say no, for whatever reasons. It is the guy's responsibility to face (the potential) rejection, and find out why. Maybe she does not want to hang out with him. Or maybe she just does not like the place you are suggesting. From her response you should try to tell which is the reason behind her rejection.
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    • Apope16

      Yes. You are spot on my brotha!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Daniela1982
    OMG! Another men can't handle a woman posting. You need to be assertive and not ask, tell her! If she doesn't want to go it's her loss. Unless you are desperate for a date don't play her game. Your aloofness will intrigue her and make her want to go all the more.
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    • crazy8000

      That's one way.
      An other is to turn disinterested. if she is really interested she will make the date happen. if not. she is just a waste of time and investment. very bad partner material.

    • How about don't play games at all.

    • Knuxx

      Fact is that datingnisna game. Many people dont like to admit to it man and women alike. For those that dont want to play it does look more like a "my word is bond" type of situation. Is that the case could be bit to some it is simply a lack of concern or patience. If I plan a date "and I hat me making plans like this" bail if you need to. But if you dont want to tell me. I won't plan many more if it seems indont matter. And I know I'm not the alone in that line of thinking. If the person of interest has kids they need to make the plans or present you the plan of the kids are involved. I see this as a courtesy and is easily overlooked. So single mothers and fathers if they can't find a time to be alone with you and you dont have the patience to wait or the presence of mind to help. Keep walking or step up lady's and gents. If your both single then it doesn't matter. At that point you are stuck in the game hard while the rest deal with loves other than their own. This also includes pet parents as many of them view their pets as children. Though it still upsets me as animals mature and can be left alone in a temperate home for hours at a time very much unlike children. So the excuse is a coin flip for them as long will the potentials patience hold out.

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  • Anonymous
    Hey a man will wait for the one he loves. Yeah, shits aggravating but like ol country boy said. He'll be waiting on a woman. I know theirs country girls that know who tf I'm talkin bout.
    • Anonymous

      Wrong gd post sorry y'all. Hahahaha

  • Anonymous
    Outgrew the shit test... I can find better things to do...
  • Anonymous
    shit test are bull shit
    its a lie

    she just does not care
  • Anonymous
    Never give in to a female shit test.
    If they can NOT. act like adults, treat them like the children they are.

    “What do you want to eat”
    ”I dunno”
    ”Ok, I pick ____”
    ”I don’t want that”
    ”To fucking bad. You said you didn’t know... I do so it’s that or nothing”

    after a few times of having to take your choice of nothing, she will grow the fuck up.
  • Anonymous
    What's sad is when men test women, we're considered as controlling. I don't really get why we have to prove ourselves if the end of the day, women also call us pushovers for passing their tests. It's like women want to make a fool out of men, this is why I refuse to date!
  • Anonymous
    "Otherwise you are beautiful and it's good to hear from you."

    Jesus Christ man, how can you be so right in everything else you say, then drop to your knees like a puss bag to French her ass like that?
    • Apope16

      As jaded as I am I am somewhat of a helpless romantic. Always will be. My charming nature I guess. "I can't date you because you are a crazy bitch. But other than that... you are so gorgeous!"

    • Anonymous

      Fine, you do you. But don't taint the otherwise excellent advice you're giving people, with that utter nonsense.

  • Anonymous
    If she cancels my plans with her but counter-proposes me coming to her place, I'd definitely do that. That's a solid indication of interest. If we then hook up well, all is forgiven. If not, that'll may end up being our last date.
    • Apope16

      Thats fine. Just know that is signaling to her that you can be manipulated with the prospect of sex.

    • Anonymous

      If she delivers it's all good. If not, I'm out.

    • Apope16

      But that devalues you as a man. She will manipulate that weakness. She will lose respecy for you.

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  • Anonymous
    Guy: Where do you want to eat?
    Girl: I don't know?
    Guy: Okay your eating my ass tonight
    Girl: Okay 😋
  • Anonymous
    I don't tolerate shit tests. Absolute childish game playing.

    Shit test me once, we talk about it, and I tell you I have no tolerance for it.

    Shit test me a second time, we aren't a couple anymore.