Confessions of a Ladies Man: If They Cook for You they are Falling in Love

Confessions of a Ladies Man: If They Cook for You they are Falling in Love

This past Thanksgiving in 2020 we randomly chose to hang out. I am referring to me and my best friend of 12 years. I asked her out in college and she said no.

She cooked a full meal for me. It was salmon with some rice. Very good. It was not a big deal. Not very different from us just sharing drinks as best friends and me spending the night on her couch. This time she asked me to sleep in bed with her. No sex. So I did. 2 weeks later she calls me up and asked me out on a date.

Another experience I had was recently meeting a girl online. We met in person for drinks and by the end of the night on that first date we had sex. Very sensual. She wasn't used to that because she was used to hookup guys who would just plow threw her. T

The next day I wake up after we were cuddling and she starts trying to make me breakfast. She wasn't a very good cook. These days we are still dating. She keeps cooking for me. She keeps sending me home with food that she's made. Her cooking has improved. It's been over a month. She's been referencing marriage. Calling me "Baby". Using phrases like "I really like you..."

I think about the 30 women I have dated and there is a clear pattern here. It doesn't matter if she is a fuck buddy, friends with benefits, First date or dating for 2 years.

If someone is cooking for you? They are falling in love with you. They may not even realize it. But they are.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: If They Cook for You they are Falling in Love
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  • jamesgoldman
    That adds up
    My first girlfriend cooked for me the first time we were intimate

    I regret not proposing to her before she moved to Poland
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    • Apope16

      Im sorry bro. It sounds like in that moment she truly loved you man.

    • Yeah, I loved her too (part of me still does) and bought her a great necklace should have asked my jeweller if he had any engagement rings left

    • 张梦媛ooo

      Then you missed a good girl

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  • Anonymous
    I have yet to meet a woman who can cook more than Spaghettios.
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    • So it’s not just me

    • Apope16

      These ladies these days are depressing. As a man if you can cook well? You WILL get laid. Swear to god.

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  • devilman666
    Nah man, if you cook for her, THEN she is falling in love xD most women cook food for all their boyfriends, there isn't much special to it unless she absolutely never cooks.
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  • KrakenAttackin
    You found a woman who can cook? Most modern women need a GPS to find the kitchen much mess do anything once there.
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  • pleasestopthis
    I've cooked for several dudes, even classmates when we were working on an assignment at their house. I can't agree with this, cooking is not super special unless you're preparing something really elaborate.
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  • Agem123
    What about when a guy cooks for you? Lol

    My boyfriend does that often for me.
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    • Apope16

      Id say its true for guys. But as a player i have used it to make a fuck buddy more long term. Its the lady that falls for a guy that cooks.

  • Redstang88
    Hmm, wouldn’t know. Never dated a girl that could cook 🙄
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  • msc545
    Interesting. You are probably right about the cooking.
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  • Skinny4Daddy
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    • Apope16

      Yay. Thanks! You ever cook for someone early on in dating?

    • Sometimes, Honestly it's a pain when your partner is picky but its fine otherwise

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  • Gwenhwyfar
    This is basically true
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