If you wouldn't date a man who plays video games you shouldn't date a man who reads novels.


If he only plays competitive shooter games then it's reasonable to not date him.

If he plays story-driven singleplayer games that tell stories, develop characters, have lore and backstores, etc. then he is literally reading books all day when he plays games.

I literally just got done with a game that told a great story and was reminded that I basically just read a book. I learned just as much about the human condition as a book with this story. I also was inspired about a story of an alternate future where humanity has to escape the planet before it's destroyed. All these things I just learned could have been learned identically from a book.

If you think story-driven video games can't develop peoples minds the same way as novels then you might want to rethink it.

If you wouldnt date a man who plays video games you shouldnt date a man who reads novels.
If you wouldn't date a man who plays video games you shouldn't date a man who reads novels.
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  • OfDeath
    It's similar but not the same. You have not just read a book after playing a computer game. Computer games won't improve your vocabulary as much as reading a book (unless it is an educational game deliberately made for that specific purpose). The fact you used the word "literally" when you stated playing computer games is tantamount to reading a book demonstrates rudimentary literacy. Playing a game is much more like watching a movie but one you can interact with in a limited way. Computer games feed you visual imagery rather than mental imagery as with a book. Just like a novel, games often incorporate famous myths, historical figures and events into their stories, though books are more likely to explain the details of such things much more thoroughly and will use them frequently as references. For example, a book might explain a character's modus operandi and use the full term at least once, whereas a computer game will likely just refer to a character's "MO" and never actually state the acronym leaving the player none the wiser. It's because a writer is not only writing a story but trying to grip the readers attention and inspire their imaginations with engaging prose. So I get what you're saying but there is a much bigger difference than you think.
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    • Most of the games I'm thinking of now days actually have lore stuff you can find and read that will explain most of that. Some games will literally have the equivalent of one hundred to two hundred pages of lore for you to find and read which will have all the details that books would have.

      Also I just want to throw out there that games can teach vocabulary like crazy. I have the best vocabulary out of everyone I know and it's from playing games. As for ragging on me for using the word literally there, I wasn't trying to get an A+ in English with this post, I was just talking casually and spitting words out however they came out when I wrote it.

    • OfDeath

      Yes, games like the Witcher often have books about them but if you read those, you are reading a book and not playing a game. So the two are still not the same.
      I would challenge you to test your vocabulary against someone who has read most of the classic novels by people like George Orwell, Charles Dickens, Martin Amis, Aldous Huxley and people like that. You'll probably find you're nowhere near it.

  • TheSpaceGnome
    Nope, I don't agree.
    Games are usually better without story, and competative gaming is the best.

    The exceptions are when you play as blank slate characters who have what is known as the "flat character ark" (where they are just an empty husk for you to play as like master chief in halo 1-3) and the story is the campaign you go through rather than lots of dialogue or cutscenes or boring character development.

    Also I'd only date a woman who liked fighting games, shooters and other competative stuff.
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    • Also when it comes to books, I don't read novels, I prefer reference books.

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  • whatdoyouwantt
    I would date a gamer, I am a gamer myself.

    Yeah a reader is a turn off as I don’t like reading but however if I really liked him Id accept it
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  • Splatzonelover1
    I play video games is just Called hobby. It just helps with reacting even to fast or very fast. I would date a gamer if they not immature.
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  • Toast792
    As both a gamer and a bookworm, story-driven games and books are very different. I understand why you are frustrated though, a lot of people really don't understand gaming, and they most likely won't change their minds on their opinions about it. Don't worry though. I'm sure you will find someone to spend your life with or whatever.
  • Leavesbound
    You cannot seriously compare anything in a video game to reading literature! I'm guessing you have not actually read any novels with the possible exception of what your English teacher assigned to you and I'm not betting even on that.
  • FilmGuy93
    Not dating someone because of 1 hobby they enjoy is a little bit extreme. I think women tend to get upset when the guy they're dating is more interested in the game than he is in her. To that end, I do think that there's something a little bit deeper about reading a book, just because of the speed at which you consume the information. It's easier to pull yourself away from a book to give your girlfriend attention.
  • SantiagoRomero
    The boys espesifically are a !#?" because we only play videogames and no more like many that are here including me
  • snackthatsmilesback
    You mean like an intractable movie or TV show? Those tell stories too. And books are much harder to read than a screen is to watch and listen to.
  • Anonymous
    People are weird. They watch shows, read trash books, put on make up, etc, yet act like games are a waste of time compared to the shit they do.