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Mama's Boy, Is It Time To Cut The Cord?


Alright guys, I know that a mother is entitled to have an opinion of who her so is dating, but if your mother is dominating your life and the decision making, you might be a mama's boy. Okay ladies, if you suspect your man might be a mama's boy let me help you determine just a few things whether he's a man or still hides behind his mama's skirts.

1. If he works a 9 to 5 job but has never lived independently, and has no plans to move out, and voids conversations about your future life together.

2. If he's a grown man he needs to learn how to do his own laundry. His mother shouldn't be doing his laundry. He should know how to turn on a washing machine. 3. Does his mom calls him every morning to make sure he eats his breakfast? Do they spend hours on the phone talking about his work issues, his life issues and relationship issues? If so, he might have difficulty making decisions on his own. Ladies, are you dating a mama's boy? Guys are you a mama's boy?

Mamas Boy, Is It Time To Cut The Cord?
Mama's Boy, Is It Time To Cut The Cord?
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  • BJP21

    I didn't leave home until age 30. I am guilty as charged prior to that... Im independent now and adulting and doing adulting things. I pay my own rent and utilities. Ladies I hope you find that sexy... Now my parents are both passed and literally on my own still longing for someone to confide in.

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  • Noodle_fan

    yeah , most likely it is because he still live with her

    that is why it is suggested for adults to leave their parents home ASAP

    in the end , parents will be parents , many of them treat their kids like some kind of puppet than human being

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Sour-rose

    Hey this may be the case for many. But also can be CAN'T move out because she's old af and can't afford a retirement home for her. Sooo either they're a momma's boy or a smart boy who has no shame. :)

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  • Jltakk

    Left home, came back. Far too expensive to move and I help my family financially anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I was state raised I don't even know who's my real mother is.