Girl is online on whatsapp and doesn't reply immediately but later?

So I keep sending this girl messages now and then. And what I notice is that she quite often doesn't respond immediately even though she is online (probably responding to others).

So therefore I think she isn't really interested in replying fast. Thus she probably isn't interested.

Why doesn't she reply immediately if she is online?


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  • Sometimes I'm busy with something important and can only reply to really urgent messages like people asking me questions about work or plans. When I chat to someone I have a romantic crush on I prefer to focus on that and only that. I can't chat to my crush and be doing important work. So that's why I might leave chatting to that person till a time when I feel relaxed and focused on what I'm going to say to him. I don't like feeling rushed and when I'm busy then chances that I'll be able to put a lot of effort into the text is small. I'd rather give my 100% when texting someone important.


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  • Are there messages left there, like a email or is it just messaging back and forth

    • Its via whatsapp - back and forth.

      Asif she all of a sudden loses interest.

    • Yea sounds like she is not interested

    • Odd thing is that she did like my new profile picture on Facebook yesterday...

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  • I agree, I just don't get this. I have a similar question:

    Please can you help.

    I personally think it is rude. And they should respond enthusiastically the longer it takes them in my opinion.

    Why do they read it and not respond. And why do they ASK YOU HOW YOU ARE then not respond back? It seems so rude, I mean would you do that in real life in person?

    Help pls?

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