Why would my ex give me his new number?

So me and my ex broke up a while ago, and things b/w us were awkward. we tried being friends we still are just not like the good friends we were before we dated of course. So during that time he got a new phone and a couple days ago he wrote down on paper and by the way text me (: and wrote down his new number. So is this his way of saying hey I want to be friends again? But I'll leave it up to you.


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  • Personal opinion, there is a reason he is an ex. Exes should never be friends, you never fully lose the emotions you had when with that person. For that reason I would say don't try to be friends unless you both are completely over each other.
    I think that by him giving you his number he is clinging on to you and your previous relationship. You of course can try to be friends but as soon as either of you starts to feel/act differently then get the hell out.


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  • "we tried being friends we still are "
    gives you the answer to your question he considers you a friend or a good acquaintance.


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