Is it okay if I stop texting/messaging him while he is on vacation?

I went out on one date for drinks with a guy I met online in February. It fizzled out as we are both kind of shy and reserved and likely were unsure of each other's interest. Last week I e-mailed him to reconnect, and we picked up the banter right where we left off. He was leaving for vacation soon, so I suggested he just message me when he returned. But he started to text me and we texted for 4 days before he left.

We use an app that doesn't have roaming charges, so after he left, I msged him 2 days later, just saying hope he was doing well, etc. So for the past few days, we've exchanged 1-2 messages a day. He's not coming back for another 1.5 weeks and I'm not sure what else to talk about over text. I'd rather he just enjoy his vaca.

I was thinking of just stopping texting him for the next 1.5 wk. But I don't want him to think I've lost interest. Do I have to say something before I stop texting for 1.5 wk? What should I say? "Enjoy the rest of your vaca, see you when you get back"... but I'm not sure if I like the sounds of that?


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  • Just to keep in touch, just to Look Interested, not putting him on your pay no mind list, even though you may 'Say something,' just simply shoot a friendly message over his way every few days, just to ask how things are going-----"What'd you do today?"
    If he is pushing buttons on his end, keeping it going, then this is telling me that on top of having fun on 'Vacation he is-----Sure of His other Interest.
    Open lines of Communication are one of the most important factors to Begin any Beguine. And now that you both have 'Picked up the banter,' don't put a Barrier in between you both because he is----Roaming around.
    A lot can happen in '1.5 weeks.' Keep in Contact if you want to Continue the Momentum when he gets back.
    Good luck. xx


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  • "What should I say? "Enjoy the rest of your vaca, see you when you get back" -

    Yeah something like that. Maybe even something like, "I really enjoy our chats, but whadda say we put the texting on hold till you get back? I just want you to enjoy the rest of your vacation, and we'll have so much to talk about when you come home." Then hopefully if he responds well you could follow up with the whole, "I can't wait to hear all about your trip, have fun."


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