Question for women: Have you ever dated a man that had "balls of steel"?

Balls of steel as in a guy who can actually take hard shots to the crotch very well like those martial art monks from Asia. For instance, I have a friend who ramped with a quad and landed on his testicles on the plastic body part above the gas tank lid (or the front fender) and left a huge dent on it yet he didn't even cringe in pain! Balls of steel like this karate master in this video.

LMAO. Since some women have urges of ballbusting, I ask this question.


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  • Didn't technically date him, but knew a guy. We were best friends in high school and just about all the guys in our group did martial arts... After claiming he obtained this "skill" he let the guys line up for a kick... Never flinched lol

    • I often wondered if such men with balls of steel can still have kids. lol

  • I can't say that I have... although maybe they were hiding this ability from me? :-P


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