How to choose between two guys

I am now at a point where I know I need to choose between these two guys I have been seeing, I met one about 10 months ago, we met we had both just gotten out of something and we agreed we were not ready for anything serious, during the holidays he got back with and I dated other people this is when I met guy 2 we hit it off right away and things were going great but I do not get to see him often because of his work schedule, and then about two months in guy 1 pop up and wants to see me I hesitated up until like two months ago after getting frustrated with not being able to see guy 2 often. Now they are both in my life and I am getting to the point where I am getting feelings for them both guy 1 has been up front with me from then the get go and has been good to me for his type I did not expect it from him, and then guy 2 I get butterflies in my stomach and we talk for hours he is independent self confident and I have feelings for him to. My head is all mixed up in one way guy 1 is good because he has been there in ways but I know in the long run he could potentially destroy me and guy two I can see myself with him I know it will be a long road I feel he is good but there is so much unsaid with him. What should I do?

Honestly I really think guy two would be good for me and I care for him, I just don't want hurt guy 1 ,


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  • look for who can provide a long term "commitments" (father/husband material (if you wanna settle down at ur age), who is capable of fulfilling your needs, obviously the guy who is less of a jerk is a better choice, or who is less selfish/stuck-up/anger prone/drama queen/etc... who is more RELIABLE and HONEST. Its those qualities you should pick first. not looks or things that are short term in that sense. 20 years from now ull all be wrinkly lol brains over brawn I guess. who makes you laugh? who cares about making you happy? who takes the effort? etc


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  • Why are you asking us? We don't know your taste in guys. As a fellow "sweet" guy I would have to say go with guy one but I'm biased and you shouldn't listen to me. What I would do is make a list of your perfect guys personality. Be really honest with yourself this list counts. Then compare each guy to the list. Hope that helped!


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  • I can't help you pick but I can offer you this:

    Life is not worth living without risk.

    Having fear means you have something to lose.

    • I actually get off fear lol. unless its a spider because f*** spiders honestly. goddamn spiders in my shower and on my ceiling waiting for the perfect opportunity to land on my hand on its silly little string.... :[

    • Your right about the fear thing I am afraid of making the wrong choice I have been here before when I was 18 and I made the wrong choice and looking back I regret it

  • Okay, so there's this guy I've been dating for almost 3 years. We have had a really rough relationship. He has cheated. And we have broken up and then gotten back together. But we just recently spent some time together and we patched things up. But during our last break up I met a really nice guy, he's older but only a couple years, and he is super sweet. And he is head over heels for me, and he makes me laugh and so on. But I'm in love with guy 1 but guy 2 is so great and maybe its time for a change. What do you think?

    • Wow I really can't off you any advise as I am again in the same boat with two different guys than when I orginally posted. One I met a year ago I fell head over hills in love with him and still am in love with him as with your situation he cheated, and all kinds of other stuff. Then I recently met another guy who is older like way older but I really like him. So I don't know just ride it out and follow your heart that I what I am doing.

  • dont let some people on the internet choose for you. it's your life. all we can do is suggest things.

    which one do you really love? or are you still at like?

    are you only with someone because he treats you good? are you with another because he is radiating a bright light? you must see the differences... and what you want the most.

    BTW WHY DID GUY 1 SUDDENLY POP UP LATER? did he find out you had a boyfriend?

    • Good question cause why he came back in , I don't know he says he really cares for me I think we just understand eachother, this whole thing is nuts

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    • I started seeing one again because I did not think two cared anymore, and one has been there at first it was just he was there and it was somone to be with but then I started getting feelings and I pushed him away for months

    • Hmm...

      sounds like a good friend of yours.

      i hope you find which one you would want to be with, and that 2 is spending enough time with you. I also hope that 1 will really stick with you this time and that your feelings for him will stay. in the end it is up to you to choose, but please do choose the one who makes you happy and smile and says you're beautiful even if you feel like a pickled turkey.