Texting everyday for 2 months, where is this going?

He's on the West Coast, I'm on the East. We met online, he's a young professional, everything's he's told me checks out (I've googled liked crazy), we connect so well, texts are flirty, we exchange pictures, and it's been going on for 2 months. Everyday. He texts first for about 85% of the time and he remembers everything. I feel like we're dating, but...

We've never talked on the phone and never met in person. We've talked about phone talks and he said he'd talk if I wanted, but he's not the type to talk for hours and hours. So I never asked again. I almost went to the West a Coast for a business trip so he asked me to swing by his city. I considered it, but felt like he should come she and made an excuse. After that we talked about meeting up and we both want to, but no one moved it further.

Here's my dilemma... I like him a lot, we text everyday, but I can't help but think where is this going? What do you guys think he's thinking?


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  • I think you're the nth woman on here to expect him to take the initiative. Why waste your time trying to read his mind. If you want to get closer to him, act.

    • I want to fly out there to see him. I'm sure we'll hit it off, I'm just worried he'll expect it everytime. He's only suggested I come see him or I move out there, but never once offered to come or move here if things progressed. I would go the distance for him, but I'm not sure he would for me.

    • Ahh. I see. Maybe you should meet halfway :D

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  • Where has it went the last few months? nothings changed? thats probably where it's headed


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  • If you fly out, before you do, please Skype him (video). So you can make sure he's the real deal. I know you have searched like crazy but he can still be a fake. You don't want to be a catfish. I strongly advise you make a video call. If he keeps turning you down after ceaseless attempts then you know the deal.

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