I'm an intern. Should I ask another intern out?

I know it's not wise to date coworkers. But we're both interns and will be done in a couple month. We sit nearby and talk quite a bit throughout the day. I'd say we get along well (laugh at each others jokes and make fun of each other...). I think I'm growing fond of her. But we're both shy. Quite shy...

We go to the same school but she's a couple years ahead of me. Although we're the same age. Don't know if it'll be an issue?

Not sure how to go about it. Not sure how to ask or if I should ask her out? Worried about what would happen if things didn't work out (did I say we sit nearby)?

Since most of you tend to agree. Is the nonchalant "do you want to hang out" better? Or a more forthcoming "get dinner"?


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  • Just do it! Whats the worst thats going to happen? As long as you're well mannered about it she'd have to be a very cruel person to make a bad situation about it. Worst case scenario is that she'll say she's flattered but she isn't interested, and then at least you'll have an easier time getting over your crush.

    As long as you're polite, and you're prepared to respectfully withdraw in the event she asks to just stay friends at work, there is seriously nothing to lose. Besides, I'm sure you'd be pissed if it turned out she is willing to date people from work, but someone else asked her before you did.


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  • Usually I'd say don't shit where you eat but you're not going to be eating there much longer so... drop that deuce.

  • Definitely ask her out. It's an internship and the grade level shouldn't matter until she graduates and has to think about dating a guy still in college

    • That's my biggest concern. She graduates next year. I have three more years to go.

    • Yeah that will be difficult but not impossible. I started dating a freshman in college two months before I graduated as a senior. We are still dating but I think it is going to end soon. He's a guy and wants his college experience. I want him to be more into my aged life. It's hard but definitely worth it. For us our relationship is far better together than apart. Don't let that prevent you from asking her out

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  • If it's a temp job that you don't think you'll be working at for a long time then do w/e you want. If it's a career job or you think you will be staying for a while then don't shit where you eat.

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