"The truth about women is that you can do anything to them except bore them."?

What do you think about this quote. On GAG there is always talk of bad boys vs nice guys and whatever else. I believe that this quote is the kiss of death from what I've seen both bad boys and nice guys win, but the guys that lack "excitement" lose most often ( which happen to be nice guys)

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  • I can kinda see that. But I'd say that you can do anything to a girl except make her think that she's better than you.

    • This too. Man you've always got the right answers, uncle Yadda

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  • Isn't that true about men as well? I mean, what men wants a boring woman?

    • I think men don't value excitement as much

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    • There we go :-)

    • Yeah, so but that means that everyone wants excitement one way or another. That's what I'm saying.