I didn't know we were in a relationship?

Soo long story short this guy texts me every day and he always tells me I'm beautiful and stuff. His Facebook profile says 'in a relationship' but I thought that was from his ex & he didn't change it because he also hasn't updated the city since he moved...

But last night we were snapping and then a girl snapped back and right after he (or it could have been her) chatted on snap chat and said "hey I don't want to get in trouble we are just friends, I promise!" And then they sent a few more snaps of everyone else that was there. And I was like "lmao that's really okay"

I feel confused... I don't know if he (or she) said that because we are 'talking' and he just wanted to make sure my feelings weren't hurt or are we in a relationship? Either way I feel really guilty because I have been talking to other guys and I even had sex with a guy about a week or so ago...


I really do like him and I feel bad. I just didn't think he had actual feelings for me. I'm not used to people actually caring about me and I tend to push people away. I feel really bad...

What do you guys think, just in general like any insight?


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  • you're not in a relationship until you both officially declare it a relationship. how can one enter a relationship without the other one knowing? impossible. it never happened then.


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  • well first you have to it down and talk to his guy about how u feel on the subject so it's clear from your side and then see what he says. if he feels the sam way about you then great but if not it's his loss and he just missed out on a really great girl i bet.


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