Why is he so desperate to hang out with me? ..and even get drunk? What does he want?

If he ALWAYS asks me when are we going to go out...and get drunk...

WHAT does he mean by that?

He means to say...like in a group, but always just asks me first, so if I can go, we should call our friends and go out, and I should definitely drink!

WHAT does he mean?

Why is he so desperate to get drunk with me?

Yeah...I kinda figured...


So..I guess he can KISS MY ASS! :P

[and NOT in the way he hoped]



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  • He wants some of that!


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  • he isn't man enough to just say he really likes you and wants to relate to you. so, rather he gets you drunk and can be stupid. he sounds imature and doesn't know how to relate to you real enough to have a romantic relationship.. it's a cheap shot to getting to have sex with you.

  • How long has it been since you know him ?

    Sorry if this sounds blunt/rude. But I think he wants to have sex with you. In an inebriated state, it is always easy to advance & have the intercourse. That is why he wants you to get drunk along with him desperately.


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  • I keep answering questions like this I guess girls don't seem to get it. He does not like you in the kind of way I wanna be your boyfriend but in the way that he just wants your body and to hook up with you. He wants to use you that's always what guys want when they are drinking and find a girl that they may think is going to be easy in some way, trust me I've had tons of experience with guys and drinking and the 2 together lol He also thinks the more drunk he could get you the more easily he could have sex with you. My best advice here is to stop drinking with him and innore his calls and texts and then he will get the point and also see that you are not easy. Just stick to drinking with people who are just friends and not trying to get anything out of you. Hopefully I helped if you wanna talk feel free to message me anytime!

    • I agree with you. Such guys only think of sex all the time.

    • Ya I'm experienced in this type of thing and I have learned my lesson for messing up!!!

  • Yeah I've been there. Most likely, he just wants to hook up with you. You have two options.

    1)Don't go out with him

    2) OR go out with him, be careful AND don't get drunk...unless you want a one night stand with him, but I don't recommend those, It's kind of trashy in my opinion, But it's up to you.

    Good lUck :) !

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