Should I even bother asking her out this weekend?

The past 3 months me and this girl have texted everyday and hung out almost every Sunday. However, I'm always the one to ask her to hang out. I've brought that up to her, saying she can ask me to hang out too, but she said she never asks anyone to hang out (not even her best friend).

Anyway, the past 3 Sundays when I asked her if she was free to hang out, she's responded by saying she wants to, but she's way too busy with whatever schoolwork is due the next day. I honestly can't tell if they are excuses if she really is that busy.

So this Sunday is coming up, and I'm not even sure if it is worth my time to ask her if she's free. I really want to see her (because I've been planning on telling her I like her) but I feel like I've been coming off as desperate. Plus, I know that if I don't initiate a hangout, we won't see each other because she never asks anyone to hangout. Any thoughts/advice is appreciated!

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Not sure if its relevant or not, but this past Sunday after she said she was too busy to see me, she read one of my texts and didn't reply. I assumed she was done with me, so I didn't text her again. Then after 3 days of silence, she texted me Wednesday night, apologizing because she's "been a jerk lately" and that she has "no reason to be, especially because you [me] are just nice to me [her]." We're back to texting everyday now, and I really feel like that message means she still likes me.


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  • you have to take in thought of your social status along with hers. thats always first. its stupid and a sad reailty. second, ask her out!!! GO FOR IT!!! if you like her for HER. then DO IT!
    i understand your getting a bit tired of always waiting on her... but some girls dont open up about the shit they are going through at the moment, and maybe she has a lot on her plate. if your getting really desparate for an answer, my best advice... at the time your gonna ask her out, regardless of her answer, (yes or no) sit her down and ask her if she's gonna be real about you. if she really shares the best feelings! FIND OUT! you dont want to be fooled or friend zoned... LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!!! best of luck ~

    • I'm a little late, but she ended up telling me she was too busy to hang out last weekend. And I guess that schoolwork got her a little too stressed, because that same night her friend was able to convince her to take shots of vodka, so I ended up going over her house to sit with her after she started drunk calling me xD

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  • Yes since u guys are txting and she admits she has been a jerk tell her u like her bt tell her u like to know it in return that texting and call first to u shows concern. if she says she can do that date her if not dont waste y'all time. bc it will annoy u that u put more effort than she does which isn't good hope this helps :)

  • She's problably telling the thruth, school homework can keep someone very busy and you have nothing to loose by asking her out.. Just have in mind school is a big priority in her life judging by the details, so if you're willing to accept that you'll be o. k. Good luck!!


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  • I like foxxedouts reply, I am thinking the same thing. She may be expecting you to ask her out and since you haven't she is distancing herself or at least remaining overly casual. I also think you should stop beating around the bush and just ask her out. The way I see it, if she says yes, that is great and you live happily ever after / or she says no and now you know where you stand with her, you can move on with no unanswered questions.

    • thank you!! and i deffinatly agree with you. hahah you made my speech into a more condensed paragraph! ( totally love) sorry, i as a girl, SPEAK alot!
      lets wish this boy lots of love and luck!

  • maybe after 3 strikes you can let the 4th one go and then try on the 5th but as the 5th one is coming up milk your way into her.