Why can't I get him off my mind?

i dont know what to do anymore, there's a guy from school we have been talking well, maybe some flirting here and there but I dont know why I can't get him off my head, its like he's always popping into my mind for no reason , whyyy? :( I think I might like him but how do i know if he feels the same... I dont want to waste my time thinking about someone who might not feel the same way :/ ? How do i know he likes me like I like him?


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  • Ask him. Talk to him, and see if he's friendly towards you - if so, see if he wants to hang out sometime and do something casual.

    If he says yes, he's probably into you. You should be able to tell from his body language whether or not he's interested in you. And if not that, then his actions - like agreeing to hang out sometime.

    • what do you mean his body language?

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    • well what type of body language does a guy do when he likes a girl?

    • It depends on the guy. Most guys tend to stick around the girl and try to get their attention. Others like to be direct and tell the girl straightfoward. There are also some who hide their feelings because they're simply shy and don't want to risk making the girl unlike him. So it becomes a mystery. But since you mentioned that you flirt here and there, there could be a chance that he likes you. I'd say not to think too much because it could be your own thoughts playing with you. So if you really want to find out if he likes you, there's usually one way. Try and talk to him about it. What other better way is there? I know, the truth can be scary, but it's worth finding out than to stay confused right? And you don't have to do this immediately. Take the time you need :)

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  • Haha, I am in the same situation as you. I can't stop thinking of this girl, she is in two of my classes. I don't know if she likes me. I feel it. I would say just try to hang around him more and flirt more. Maybe give him a hug and see how he reacts or exchange numbers.

  • My old girlfriend keeps popping into my head I don't know what to think of it, it's been about 2 months know but I just can't shake her off my mind she always makes her way back in there and I don't know why I assume it goes away eventually but right now it won't. I know how you feel :(

    • :/ aww i know how you feel

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