Girl brings her friend to first date, does it mean something?

i have been asking this girl out for a while and we were suposed to finally meet for the first time this weekend, but no set date or time yet. so today i ask her again, and she said she would be in my town, but with a friend? does this mean something? honestly, i would be way to nervous just meeting this girl alone, since i dont know her that well and im really really shy. but ill just be way to uncomfortable with her friend there, i think to the point that i wouldn't be able to keep a conversation. i want to get to know this one girl first (!!) before meeting her friends... so, does anybody have any tips? should i even go? should i kindly ask to meet her another time? girls, why would you bring your friend with, the very first time you're meeting a guy?

does anybody else have an opinion?


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  • As soon as she said she's bringing a friend I would have either brought one of your friends or cancelled.

    • yeah i hear ya. i ended up not going aswell. but at this point im just trying to figure out why she did it and if it is still worth keep talking to her and trying to ask her out again

    • I'd say just move on. You will come off as clingy of you try again when she has made it clear she doesn't have the same interest in you.

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  • She's being safe. As said you guys are meeting for the first time. You may be uncomfortable but since the friend will be there-just imagine your hanging out with friends you've known for a while. Everything should run smoothly. Wait! A guy/gal friend?

  • I would only bring a friend if I knew u wasn't interested in the guy the way I think he is interested in me that's only reason y I would do it... just my opinion

    • thats not good news for me lol but thanks for your opinion. just tell me tough, why would you rather go on a date and take your friend even tough you are not interested? why not just tell him your not interested and save everybodys time?

    • I just thought it was a good idea because I didn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him that I wasn't interested... I don't know just seemed right at the time you know

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  • Has happened to me that a girl brought a friend to what I thought was a date. It basically meant she really doesn't want to date you.

    • oh man... do you think thats always the case? at least she warned me, unlike you that were caught by surprise haha

    • She warned me when it was the day of the "date" where I would come off as a dick if I cancelled. The question is she's in town with a friend yes, but does the friend have to with her at ALL times including your date? It's rare for grown ass people to not give a person privacy for a date.. so again unless they're attached at the hip its likely she's using her friend as a buffer between you two.