Why is dating so easy for everyone else?

It seems like everyone in the world has a significant other except me. I'm a senior in college, smart, in good shape (6'4"/185lbs, or 1.93m/84kg), I'm by no means broke... I just feel like this shouldn't be THAT hard.

My problem is probably that I have very limited dating experience (dated 2 girls in high school, couple months each). For whatever reason I'm just not comfortable going up to random people and asking them out, and I'm done asking out friends (only two girls I've ever worked up the courage to ask out were good friends, both rejected me).

Any advice on where to even look? I don't really do the bar/party seen that much (no time, I also probably take the rest of my life too seriously. oops). Is that the best place or are there better ways to go about it?
Why is dating so easy for everyone else?
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