How Do I ask a guy out without sounding desperate?

So I've been texting this guy I met at my cousins wedding since October. Everyday, never fails, even Christmas, Thanksgiving, even New Years eve when he was out with his friends.
We've been on a couple dates. The first one was just a movie, he paid for it popcorn too, and he picked me up and dropped me off. The second date he came over to watch movies in my dorm, we ended up going out to dinner, which he paid for as well, and he ended up sleeping over. We cuddled and held hands that date but we didn't hug or kiss at all.
Just for some info, I'm 20 in college and on the swim team, he's 23 he lives about 45 minutes away, and works as an electrician.
I've kind of been waiting for him to ask me on another date, but I've realized he's always came up to see me, and he probably doesn't want to just invite himself over.
So what I want to know is how do I ask him out without sounding desperate? I would also prefer it to be by him because it's hard to know when my roommate will be gone.


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  • I don't think it has to be that complicated if you've texted every day for months.

    It can be as simple as "Are you doing anything this weekend? No? Do you feel like getting together for (drinks dinner movie etc)? I can't see that as coming off as desperate. Desperate is if he says he's busy to more than two consecutive suggested dates and you keep asking not getting the hint.

    So if you ask him for this upcoming Saturday and he says he's busy, ask him if there's a better time that works for him? If he says no or has to check his schedule, stop asking. End it with, "Well just let me know if you want to get together again, I'd enjoy seeing you again". And stop there. Hey may really have to check his schedule and want to plan something out if he lives 45 minutes away. And then it'll be on him to ask you out.


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  • Just say something like, "look, I'm into you. I have been for a while now so I was wondering get together sometime?"

    • i couldnt agree more haha. id just come right out and say it. then again im an honest person and i believe in being direct about my intentions from day one.

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    • This might seem silly but do you think he's into me?

    • It sounds like it from the way you say it. I think he does.

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