I like the guy everyone hates?

I met this guy. you see where I'm going with this. I'm head over heels for him now and he likes me back. so I know what you're most likely thinking "go out with him". well I want to and I most likely will but the problem: everybody basically hates him. he's "annoying" but not from what I've seen. my friends say "don't do it" and "you're too good for him". I know I should do what '
makes me happy' and 'not care what they think' but it's not the popular solution. what should I do?


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  • "He's not good for you" as in people think he's an ass. Or "He's not good for you" as in people think he's a dork.

    • more of the "he's a cocky person and failing two classes".

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  • You'll be an incredibly impressive girl if you go out with him. It's very easy at 15 to cave into peer pressure and go with the grain. You have a choice right now to either go for what you want or allow yourself to be controlled by dissenting voices.

    Even if he is bad, this isn't marriage. You can always break up.


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  • Ignore what everyone else says and follow your heart. If you like this guy and think he's great, go for it! No one else's opinion should matter but your own. Follow your heart! :D