He's said he's not seeing anyone else. does that mean were exclusive?

he told me he's not seeing anyone else atm but not ready for the bf label. does that mean were exclus I've?


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  • Means , so long as your ok with being his fuck buddy with no commitments at all he has a angle covered for when you find out he had sex with another.
    He doesn't want you to have ability to call him a cheater.
    He only wants sex. No commitment. No sex I bet he leaves. Careful you don't get sucked in. He may agree to being commited to you only just to get laid with no intentions of being exclusive.
    I bet he really likes sex with you. Don't know why he wouldn't want to keep just you to himself. Im sure you would really rock his world if you were exclusive.

  • My guess is that he likes you but is not ready to commit. By him telling you, he is showing you that you are heading down that path.

    • Guess again. He doesn't want the lable ( commitment ) just wants the sex. With no commitment / no sex he will be taking another path. One down the path with all the other girls he's just useing for sex

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