Guys, when it comes to texting does it really matter to you as much as it does to us girls?

We tend to over analyze every text from a guy lol
Do you care who texts who first more or does it matter if she's replying short messages?
Do you find it annoying if she texts you first?
What about drunk texting?
And why do you guys just talk to a girl for a long convo then just leave mid way through and dont reply back for days?
some differneces in texting the girls you genuinely like vs just a girl you hook up with


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  • You have to be careful, things can often be taken the wrong way. You lose about 85% of communication speaking on the phone vs person and text is even worse!

    So I think it's best to keep those crucial conversations separate. The way you feel is far too complicated to describe in words most of the time anyway, let alone having interpretation errors.

    Don't get me wrong, it's fun. But it can also be best sometimes to take a break and wait until you see the person before saying or analysing anything.


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  • I don't care who texts who first... but it does make me a tingly inside when she texts me first haha.

    "What about drunk texting?"

    I don't do that... well not that much anyways :p

    "And why do you guys just talk to a girl for a long convo then just leave mid way through and dont reply back for days? "

    I've never done that O. o

  • I plan what I say mainly because sometimes I like leaving double meanings but I don't overanalyze what she says.

    I don't care who texts first, if I have to say something.. I just say it.
    I don't think it's annoying if she texts me first, it's encouraging.

    I don't drunk texts.

    Sometimes, it's better to leave a conversation on a high note then let it run dry.
    It's not to mess with her, it's better for everyone.

  • It's annoying to text first every time, but I tend to write a lot when texting and typing anywhere. I know some people just don't write a lot, so I don't really mind short answers as long as they're attempting to continue the conversation.

  • I can't stand the whole " guy must text first" mentality since it isn't right to always put it on the guy to be the one to initiate a chat. But alas that is just my opinion.

    Short messages though... if someone sends a long detailed text pleading for some help and the person who replies gives a short but sweet three word reply, than that would bother me, but if it's simply a statement that sums it all up, than it is perfectly fine to have short replies.

    Also I would never come back to reply days later, I do my best to sort through everything then and there.

  • Guys are finding something that appeals to them more and are to not into long texts. You're such a cutie, let's have sex.

  • For me it does matter who starts the convo 1st. If she never does I get the impression the convo is all one sided. And that she doesn't really want to talk to me.

    No I don't find it annoying when a girl texts me 1st.

    Drunk texting is a bit of a grey area. but at least she's thinking of me when she's drunk. Although I have never recevied a drunk text XD

  • The things I don't like about girls when texting:
    That they think the guy is the one who ALWAYS texts first. If they don't text first on occasion, it makes us think she's not interested (whether she's just a friend, or more" wait a minute, just a friend, haha, that's a laugh) anyway umm
    When she gets upset at something I clearly didn't mean to make her upset about. For example, I was texting this girl the other day. I was talking to her about something that she had mentioned and I said I liked it. She didn't understand why I liked it and when I tried explaining it to her, she got mad. All I was trying to do was explain, ya know?
    When she takes a week to reply. I mean, I get it, y'all have lives too but, a week? Hell, a week is OK but two weeks just says you're not interested at all.

    There are other things when it comes to texting I don't like but those are the main ones. And in that order too. Number one obviously being who texts who first

    Note: Did you know, that texting, was originally invented, for the hearing impaired, and that it only recently caught on with people because they found out the hearing impaired had the option

  • matters to me. I strategically plan and analyse all my text my convos with girls I like.


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