Albanian men don't want serious relationships?

Why do Albanian men not want to marry or have serious relationships with Canadian girls?

I guess if there are any Albanian men reading this, I would really appreciate your response. I fell for an Albanian guy who I basically had a great sexual relationship with but he told me from the beginning that he just wanted "fun". Of course, I'm an idiot and I thought he would fall for me. He was really sexually attracted to me and I know he really loved having sex with me but now he is engaged to a virgin back home and is planning to marry her soon. He still wanted to sleep with me but I just can't handle it so we stopped everything. I told him recently that I loved him and he was making a mistake marrying this other girl. He told me that he never felt love for me and it was only sex. I'm really hurt and heart broken by the whole thing. We had such a close, passionate intimate connection and I just don't understand how he couldn't have fell in love like I did. Try not to be too hard on me with your response because I'm pretty emotional about this. I just don't understand how he could so easily give me up?
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For the girls who view this question, have any of you ever experienced something similar to this?
Albanian men don't want serious relationships?
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