We've been ' dating ' for 8 months, what next?

I know you are thinking why the hell would you still be only dating someone after this period of time. I'm now wondering this myself. Up until about a month ago I was happy with things being this way. For the most part it seems like we were just friends who clearly liked each other.

We went on dates but it was really slow going. Mostly due to me being so shy and guarded. We only saw each other about once a month. We stopped talking for a while and gradually made contact again around April ish then things picked up. When we met up he said he felt I wasn't making as much effort, so I pointed out the fact we'd barely been in contact. Since then I've seen him twice a week some weeks or once every two weeks. We just spontaneously make plans on the day.

The time we've spent together has been a blast. It feels like we've become closer and I'm now more relaxed around him. There's also been a lot of sexual tension between us and kissing is really intense. Things have changed a great deal for the better. There was a point in time I thought we wouldn't talk again. So a month ago I asked what he wants And he said he wants to see how things go with us, I said I was doing the same.

I feel like it's time now, I mean we know each other enough and so on. Even when he invited me to his friends party and introduced me as his friend, I thought I don't wanna be your friend no more lol. I just dont know what's going through his mind... I feel like I'd be trying to coax him into something he's not ready for yet.

What should I do?

We've been ' dating ' for 8 months, what next?
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