I am trying so hard not to text her!!! It is killing me! Am I wrong for doing this?

This girl I like usually text everyday. Now we are starting to slow down but she still acts like she likes me in person. So I am trying to not let this get to me but this is what is going on..

We haven't texted each other since Tuesday. Last time this happened, I waited 2 days and then texted her again. When she responded she was engaged in the conversation and sounded excited to talk. Well here we are again, she stopped talking. So now I am just waiting for her to talk to me. I feel if she wanted to text me, she would. So I am waiting to see how long she goes.

Is this wrong for me to do? I need some opinions!

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  • Wait until she texts me
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Also, we will see each other on Saturday. We have a hangout that we are both going to so I know we will see each other.


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  • This guy did that to me once.

    But I always texted first several time.

    But soon I decided if he wants to talk, he will initiate.

    And he did.


    But I kind of stopped liking him eventually.


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  • She might be doing the same thing, waiting for your next text. Call her on the phone and make a date if you want to try and start a relationship.

  • try to text her first, and ask her why sh's not texting you like before..

    just ask her directly.