Should I text a fuck boy?

Ok i dont know what to do lol. he's called me cute and said i have big boobs but i really think he is a fuck boy so i dont know if i should start something. I need help xD

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  • Well, do you want a fuck boy in your life? If the answer is yes, then text him. If the answer is no, then don't text him.
    What do you want?


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  • You said he's a fuck boy , unless you're looking into a bit of people playing (which is cruel but not uncommon) , don't text him.

  • What a degrading name...


What Girls Said 5

  • Don't text him, fuckboys suck, don't get involved with them, you're probably better than that.

  • Ok as horny as you may be he's probably a one-night stand looking to have sex with you, there's probably no actual feelings there.
    But hey, if your'e also in it just for the sex, you go do that.
    Have you seen his face though? If you met him online he's most likely fake and some pedo.
    In the end I probs wouldn't give it a go..

    • I'm not horny lol but yes i have seen him irl and he's really attractive but i have seen the way he is with other girls

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    • Im 14 and he's 14 i think but i dont have a sexual attraction to him

    • AHHHH!
      Ohmigosh don't please. You're so young, you'll definitely regret it! Do you guys even have protection? Pills, condoms? You could get an STD, you do NOT want to lose your V-card at such a young age. Wait for the right guy, trust me, wait. Sure, you can date him, but don't have sex with him, please.

  • tbh all he is going to do is waste your time, if you know from the start he's a fuckboy why even question this... he is going to get what he wants then leave just like they all do. now if you were looking to potentially have a relationship with this guy then i say, text him.. other than that all he's going to do is waste your time

  • You hardly know him and he's complimenting your boob size. He's a fuck boi.

  • What the fuck is a fuckboy?

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