Why does everyone have a boyfriend except me?

its like every where i look/turn everybody around me has a boyfriend but me 😢😞 i was on fb & instagram 2daii & saw so much couples & honestly i couldnt help myself i was green w. Envy. I just dont get it , people tell me im pretty all the time , i have a nice enuff body frm what I've been told , i dress nice , & most importantly im very sweet & humble. I mean I've been single forever & when i finally get in a relationship it doesn't last because the guy treats me like crap 😒 so why can't i find a guy thats gonna genuinely like me , care for me & be proud to show me off as a gf? Im so sad/bothered by this 💔💔


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  • It'll happen. Just give it some time. I know it seems like it won't now, but when it does, you'll be so happy. Patience is a virtue for a reason.


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  • You will someday

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