What are the chances of someone changing their mind after they reject you?

Has this ever happened to anyone? Say you don't contact them at all, they know how you feel, and do find you physically attractive, what are the chances they will decide to give you a shot?


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  • The odds of someone changing their mind after rejecting another seem to depend on three things...
    1.) How much pride they posses
    2.) What or who else is alluring them in life
    3.) If you made an impression on them

    Something like that happened to me once. I was crazy over this unbearably, tiring complicated guy who couldn't figure out if he wanted a legitimate girlfriend or a hoe. He couldn't decide if he wanted to sink into pure, genuine, full-scale intimacy or if he wanted to dive into the intrigue of selfish, reckless, greedy, egotistical lust. He blatantly said he wasn't rejecting me, but it felt like he was because he was telling me that he didn't want to me with me. So, I cried for a bit then my friend reminded me of my capabilities :) I partied hard, sewed ballgowns, modeled, participated in a marathon, got straight A's and one month later after complete absence and exile from my life, he was begging like a pitiful, neglected puppy on an ASPCA commercial. :) Literately at my doorstep with my favorite Boston cream pie Milano cookies.

    • That's awesome. Did you go out with him afterwards? I hope the same happens to me. I feel the same way that I have a lot going for me.. and it's only been a little over a week since we have not had contact so I know there is still time.

    • I took him back later to find out that he was doing the same sneaky, shady, dramatic BS behind my back except in an even worse way. It ended with him getting smacked in the face.

      However, we were in an actual relationship so it may be different if you just have a crush. We were in love so that situation is a bit more complex. What's your situation?

    • We have mutual friends, have known each other for almost a year, and are attracted to each other. We have hooked up multiple times, which I'm sure did not help anything. We have a lot in common and get along well. I met him back in my party type days, which I don't really party anymore. It's complicated since I'm sure he thought I only wanted sex and was a slut, but I'm actually very monogamous and faithful. I guess you could call it a crush, except things did happen and the attraction isn't just one-sided. I never shared my feelings with him until a week ago.

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  • I guess it comes down to the people and the situation.
    This happened with me and my boyfriend aha.
    The first time he asked me out I rejected him cuz I said I felt like I needed to get to know him a bit better first. We stopped talking for a while after cuz I guess it wasn't exactly the most comfortable situation. But I really did mean it when I said I wanted to get to know him, so I'd try talking to him as friends. A year after we start talking again, and I got to know him better. Then he asked me out again and yeah, been together for about a year and half now.

  • I had this happen to me. They came to drop some stuff off. They couldn't even look me in the eye. Then a week later suddenly they had found something else and wanted to drop it off. This was a few weeks after we broke up. We then sat and spoke to each other. I was acting confident and happy. They started trying to talk about where it ha gone wrong. They said they were sorry and did I think it could work out. They had slept with a couple girls as a rebound and had planned to have a date with another soon but said if we were to give it another go they would cancel. Fast forward a year and they have been hot and cold with me since. Had actually been seeing a girl when we had broken up (perhaps even after) and carried on talking to her. As well as sexting other women. On and off ever since we were back together. Then I found out a few weeks ago and they dumped me a week ago when we were on holiday saying they didn't have the energy to try anymore or try to fix it. So my dear. Be quite sure you would take this person back. Think of the reaons behind rejection. If you can truly see a long term attraction and stregnth from both parties to work at it, as relaionships have real tough patches. If someone rejects once, they will find it easy to do again.

  • I'm possibly going through this right now. It's kinda complicated though. He friend zoned me, I accepted it and moved on (started talking to other guys and a date or two), but we continued to talk to each other and hang out as friends. he is coming around.

    But I don't consider our circumstances typical. He recently has been going through something emotionally, and our friendship has been very unusual from the beginning.

    • I am in your position. I have a guy friend who I have become close to that has somewhat rejected me, but also acts like he wants to be something more. Like you are relationship was different from the beginning.

    • Yeah-in my case, to make the situation more complicated, I don't even know what I want. We make logical sense and are very compatible but even my feelings aren't strong-even though things are completely effortless with him-there just are no butterflies. It's the most bizarre relationship I have ever been in.

  • Lol yes, I rejected the same guy twice and now I regret doing it...

    • Why did you reject him? And why do you regret now?

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    • Pretty sure she must have made him feel he wasn't good enough for her. I think he deserves better.

    • I'm sure he's over it by now, okay?

  • men have way too much pride...


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