What are the chances of someone changing their mind after they reject you?

Has this ever happened to anyone? Say you don't contact them at all, they know how you feel, and do find you physically attractive, what are the chances they will decide to give you a shot?


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  • Happened me, i was friend zoned by a girl at work, i would speak to her when i see her, but i stopped texting and emailing. After exactly 2 weeks exacltly she texted me asking how i was and if i wanted to go to the cinema. So far we've had one cinema date and one group meal nite out. It's moving very slowly but i don't think she's in a rush so i've to give her time. This person will comeback just give time. good luck

    • Thank you so much for your answer. I'm glad it worked out for you and I hope the same happens for me. :)

    • Am sure it will :)

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