Trying to break up my brother and his girlfriend?

My brother's girlfriend is no good good for him. She's beautiful but that's about it. She's a high school dropout who works a part time fast food miniumum wage job with no ambitions for her future. Meanwhile, my brother is a college senior studying Economics, works part time on campus and has a full time internship. He has a job offer at his internship, which is a top finanical firm.

I told him to dump his lazy girlfriend and find a better girl. He's an attractive guy with a good body, he'll find someone. Anyway, he says how she's trying to better herself. I don't won't them to get married and then she divorced him and takes his money. How can I tell him to leave this girl? They've been together for 2 years.


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  • Leave em. They're both young. Give her time to sort it out.

    I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life until this year lmfao

  • Tell him she's been fucking around. And charging for the good, fun time with strangers.


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