Has he rejected me because of my weight?

I like a guy at college, he knows, my friends have mentioned it to him. He has, for months, been polite but has never made a move. I recently got told by my friend that he does like me and was waiting to take me out on a date but weeks have went past and still nothing. He isn't shy.

I am 10st 7lbs and 5ft 3. I'm concerned that my weight is an issue. I keep getting rejected by guys. Any guy i like, never like me back. I used to be so much bigger but i got most of it off but i still have fat on my stomach, arms etc. I used to have no issues getting dates when i was a stone lighter a few years ago.

What do you think? I am aiming to be 8 stone and i am currently a size 12.

Thanks! I am told i don't look bigger but in comparison to some of these girls who aren't even 8 stone, i obviously do. Jusjay, unfortunately, i've never encountered a guy who does. I thought that being size 12 would make it much easier but, clearly, it's still an issue.


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  • Sadly being overweight can have massive implications on how attractive a person is, I know that story all to well (Take it from someone who use to be 16.5st at 15).
    But, If you loose weight, Don't do it to impress some vain pricks, do it to make yourself healthier and happy, Relationships can come later.

    • I have lost weight and didn't do it for anyone else but myself, it's just this last few stone that's been the hardest to shift unfortunately. You're very mature for 16 btw!

    • Haha, Cheers. And congratulations on your weight loss matey, Im proud of you to hear it ;).
      And yeah, I'm in the same boat haha. I got from 16.5st down to 12.3stone, Then i gained muscle and went up to 13 stone (Where i am now), And now i just gotta loose loose like 1 more stone of fat and im done! ;D.
      But, All the best in your Journey matey!, You've done so well up to now, And i'm sure you can finish it! ;).
      Good luck!

    • *Oh thanks for MHO aswel, Means a million ;)*

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  • If he does so because of your weight then he isn't worth it. A good guy will look beyond that.

  • Probably your weight. If you like fit guys, you need to be fit to get their attention.

    • Hi, he's not fit himself, he's just thinner. I don't mind fatter guys at all. I find them just as attractive. This guy just happens to be quite lean. I do agree that it's my weight though, thanks for the answer!

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  • I don't know what your body looks like, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with size 12... I am a size 10-12 and I have never had any problems attracting guys, and I'm curvy/pear shaped with pretty small B cup breasts so disproportionate for that matter. I would honestly think there would be another reason other than weight, unless of course you live in a place where everyone looks skinny and "plastic" for the most part.

  • Wow I got together with my boyfriend when I was that same weight and... Maybe he's just shallow or you are in a less chubb friendly culture?


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