Why does my boyfriend get mad at me when other guys show me attention?

Why does my boyfriend get mad at ME when other guys show me attention. Like he so fucken crazy & insecure if guys just as much look at me or says hi to me he rages w. Jealousy. But the crazy part about it is that he blames it on me for why guys look at me. Like he said i dress revealing thats why guys look at me & he tries to tell me not to wear tight clothes etc. But i tried telling him that even on my bummy days guys still look at me but he still gets mad at me & think its my fault. & Why does his friends & family members flirt w. Me when he's not around then deny it when i tell my bf? Pls help , i needd answersss


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  • Can you live with this guy while he's treating you like this? Can you picture being with him for longer than a year? He's a big baby and he needs to treat you better. Does he seriously think treating a girl everybody wants like crap would make him keep her? I think you should let him know that if he doesn't clean up his act, literally anybody would be willing to take his place.

    • Ur absolutely right !!!

    • Put yourself in his shoes amd really think about how you would handle it... some guys have different ways of showing their feelings towards u, some guys are direct whilst others will just show it via jealousy, please... just talk to him and tell him how u feel, he cannot read ur mind... and for the love of all thats holy... dont evet for once portray that image of him being replaceable, it just shows that u think u too good for him... if that is so then save everyone the drama (yourself included) and walk away

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